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The last thing we want is to have problems with our toilets. As insignificant as a high-pitched noise in the bathroom may seem, it demands immediate attention. Of course we want all of our sanitary components to work perfectly.

This article looks at possible causes and solutions when the toilet is making a high-pitched noise.

A high pitched toilet noise can be caused by a broken or dirty toilet.filling valve, old metal ball valves or problems with the water supply line. These common reasons are inexpensive and easy to fix.You will likely be able to accomplish this project without the need for a plumber.

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1 Why Ignoring That Loud Noise Isn't An Option

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2 Identify the noise

2.1 Examine the valve connected to your water supply

2.2 Check and clean the filling valve

2.3 Replace the filling valve if cleaning is not successful

2.4 Check for obsolete metal ball valves

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3 Enjoy a quiet bathroom

Why ignoring that loud noise is not an option

When you hear a high-pitched noise coming from the bathroom, it's not just the annoying noise. This noise indicates a larger problem that may be happening with your bathroom. Therefore, it certainly cannot be ignored.

While unlikely to be a plumbing emergency, it does require your careful handling.Just like your car, when it starts making strange noises, your bathroom needs to be monitored. Strange noises are warnings that something is wrong and needs attention.

In most cases, a high pitched noise from the toilet indicates a problem with the filler valve. The problem will not go away on its own but will eventually get worse if ignored.

In the long run, problems with the filler valve will affect the water level. Without repair, water can overflow into the toilet bowl.It becomes an expensive waste of water that will increase your electricity bill every month. You will flush money down the toilet!(

Also, if you fix this problem right away, repairs will be much easier. Otherwise, it can turn into a complicated and expensive nightmare. You might be tempted to ignore the annoying noise for awhile, but it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to plumbing problems.

So let's look at some of the possible reasons and solutions for a toilet making a high pitched noise.

identify the noise

Your toilet can make a high-pitched noise for a number of reasons. Some investigative work is needed to identify the problem. Most plumbing problems require you to investigate every possible cause. You will have to eliminate them one by one until you find the cause.

Follow these steps to correctly diagnose your toilet:

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Examine the valve connected to your water supply

Your water supply valve is probably not responsible for the screeching noise. However, it is advisable to check this component first. It is located off the back of the bathroom.

Sometimes the water supply valve can be accidentally knocked over. This can cause the water flow to be closed off or partially regulated. Ask your family members if they adjusted for any reason. Even children can sometimes play with it.lampsand close the valve.

Make sure the valve is open by turning it clockwise. Think of the phrase righty tighty lefty loosey. It will help you remember that most jigs will tighten or open when turned to the right. They are released or closed when turned to the left.

The valve needs to be fully open, which means you must turn it all the way to the right. Do not force the button! Once it stops spinning, you'll know it's fully open.

You do not need to use force to make this adjustment. The same applies when closing the valve and turning it to the left. Twisting this jig too hard can break it and is totally unnecessary.

The screeching noise can be stopped by fully opening the water supply valve. If you find that the valve is partially closed, open it fully and perform a flush test to see if the noise disappears.

This isn't the main cause of noise, but it's the easiest to fix.

Check and clean the filling valve

A more common reason for a squeaking noise is the inflation valve. It's inside the tank. The fill valve controls the water flowing into the tank after the toilet is flushed.

Start by carefully removing the tank cap. Make sure you do this in a controlled manner, as porcelain can break easily. Then flush and listen for noise.Can you locate where the noise is coming from?

You may hear a popping noise at the fill valve position. It is placed on the left side of the back tank. If the sound comes from this place, you can easily recognize it.

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If the inflation valve is causing the noise, it may be stuck. You need to clean it to make sure there are no mineral deposits or dirt.Hard water limescale depositscan partially cause a blockage resulting in a high-pitched tone.

To clean the fill valve, first turn off the water supply valve. Then empty the tank by flushing the toilet. If there is still water in the tank, remove it with a sponge or towel.Make sure the tank is completely empty and empty of water before proceeding to the next step.

The next task is to uncap the valve to see if there is any dirt or debris. Remove anything that could be blocking the valve and scrub away any mineral deposits. You can do this with a towel or scraper.

To see if this corrects the screeching noise, open the water supply valve and do a flush test. Hope this solves the high pitched noise coming from your bathroom!

Replace filling valve if cleaning is unsuccessful

If cleaning the fill valve does not eliminate the screeching noise, consider replacing the entire part.For those with DIY experience, this is an easy task. If not, you should hire a professional to replace it.

It's not a difficult repair, but you'll need basic tools and knowledge to do it right.

The good news is that replacing an inflation valve is inexpensive. It's a simple job that can be done quickly. All you need is a bucket and tongs! You can buy a new fill valve ( at the supply store for less than $15.

Look out for outdated metal ball valves

If you have an older toilet, it probably has a metal ball valve. This old component vibrates a lot because it is made of metal. This component is a hollow sphere attached to a rod. Its function is to control the water flowing into the tank.

This older model toilet may make a high pitched noise due to a faulty seal.Instead of replacing the seal, you can also replace the entire valve with a plastic valve. Repairing the old metal valve can cause the same problem in the future.

There's another reason why it's a good idea to replace the old metal ball valve when it starts.become tall. Modern designs are less susceptible to noise and have higher efficiency. While you're at it, you might as well check out if your bathroom flap seal needs an update too.

These are inexpensive components that are worth replacing with new models. With these new parts, your cistern will likely run smoothly for many years.

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Enjoy a silent bathroom

As you can see, a high pitched noise coming from your bathroom is easy to fix. It's a cheap, quick project that's worth tackling right away.

Most people will be able to do the repairs themselves without the need for a professional. But if in doubt, you can always ask a professional installer for help.

You'll certainly have peace of mind knowing that problems with your bathroom won't become a bigger problem. Your ears will thank you too!


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