The 8 Best Silent Mouse Choices for Quiet Work and Gaming | (2023)

Are you looking for the best silent mouse to keep a low profile in crowded areas? Whether you're in the office or a coffee shop, a silent mouse is a lifesaver when it comes to minimizing noise. However, it can be a daunting task to choose the best silent mouse from dozens of options. This is especially true if this is your first time buying one. If this sounds like you, then you've come to the right place.

Here are our top eight picks for the best silent mouse products you can buy for work and work.gamble.

What is a silent mouse?

For someone new to the product, a silent mouse can be a complete mystery. After all, most people are used to hearing a mouse click every time they use a computer. However, once you discover the silent mouse, you are introduced to a whole new world of silent clicks. What makes a silent mouse quiet? This is what we know.

More often than not, mouse manufacturers think cost before considering quality when making a mouse. So they tend to use cheaper plastics and materials for the body, buttons, and scroll wheel. These materials collide with each other when you click the mouse button, producing the sound we are all familiar with.

On the other hand, a silent mouse simply uses materials and mechanisms that generate less noise on contact. They can dampen sound, reducing noise by a large percentage. Of course, different manufacturers will use different methods to create their silent mouse products. Therefore, the exact process (and the amount of reduced noise) can vary. However, they usually design a silent mouse more carefully than regular mice, using specific noise reduction materials.

8 silent mouse models

Without further ado, here is our list of the best silent mouse models you can buy in 2021.

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The first silent mouse on our list is none other than theJSCO Gaming Quiet USB Optical Computer Wheel Mouse🇧🇷 As the name suggests, this product is a silent gaming mouse that allows you to play games silently without disturbing your neighbors. However, don't think that this mouse's silence means it won't perform well.

That's because, like other gaming mouse models, it has a high DPI of 1600. So you don't have to worry about its responsiveness, even when playing MMOs or RPGs that require precise mouse control. What's more, you can also adjust the sensitivity to 800 or 1200 DPI, making it flexible for gaming and work.

However, this silent mouse doesn't have much else to offer other than these features. There are no bells and whistles like the ability to connect wirelessly, RGB lighting or fancy ergonomics. It's more than enough, especially since the price is usually under $20. It's the perfect option for people on a budget who need a quiet, responsive mouse that just works.


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LeadsaiL Silent Click Wireless Mouse

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Unfortunately, not all silent mouse models are easy to transport. Some still use a lanyard which is inconvenient for traveling. On the other hand, some mice may be wireless, but they are bulky and difficult to fit in a bag. That's why we recommend theLeadsaiL Silent Click Wireless MouseIf you are looking for a portable silent mouse.

One look at this mouse and you can already imagine how it can fit in various bag styles. You can put it in a shoulder bag or backpack without taking up too much space. Also, its slim design is good for portability and for professionals who want a mouse with a sleek design.

On the other hand, this silent mouse is also wireless and can last up to two months at a time. So you don't have to worry about recharging the battery every two weeks. Also, aside from the silent mouse click, one of the highlights of this mouse is that it is incredibly responsive. You can adjust your DPI and set it to 800, 1200, 1600, 2000 and even 2400. So you don't have to worry when it comes to having full control over a cursor.

The only downside to this mouse, however, is that it doesn't come with Bluetooth connectivity. So you will need to use the 2.4GHz USB connection to connect it to your device. However, it is a great silent mouse model if you are looking for a stylish and high-performance portable mouse. Plus, for under $15, you're sure to be more than satisfied.

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One of the best silent wireless mouse models that Logitech has released is without a doubt theLogitech M220🇧🇷 Why? That's because it has all the features of a versatile mouse that everyone can use. The reason we say that is because this mouse has an ambidextrous design.

Yes, that's correct. Most of the mice you see on the market are generally meant for right-handed people. In fact, right-handed people might not even think twice about the silent mouse models they're buying. However, left-handers may have a harder time finding the right silent mouse for their situation.

On the other hand, this silent mouse isn't good just for its ambidextrous nature. It also has every right to be on this list, given its characteristics. That's because the near-silent mouse clicks can ensure your peace of mind wherever you go to work. Plus, it's wireless too, with an 18-month battery life that's sure to last a long time. Plus, it's also compact, making it ideal for carrying around when you're abroad or on a business trip.

However, don't expect this silent mouse to serve you well when it comes to gaming. That's because it's strictly for casual and professional use and only provides up to 1000 DPI. Also, it has no Bluetooth connection and only provides a 2.4GHz USB dongle. Those qualities aren't bad, especially since it excels in every way and costs less than $15.

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oLogitech M330is one of the best in the industry when it comes to silent mice. Why? That's because it reduces the click sound by 90%, ensuring you'll never hear a beep while you work. In fact, it's even the only brand to have a Quiet Mark certification for its quiet mice. That's why we really recommend the M330 if peace of mind is your top priority.

Also, the great thing about this silent mouse is that the battery life is phenomenal. In fact, you can even use the mouse for 24 months straight without charging. In addition, it fits perfectly in the hand and offers better ergonomics than a regular silent mouse. It's also highly responsive (1000 DPI), with a tactile scroll wheel that's great for navigation. Lastly, the mouse is compatible with a variety of desktop operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux and ChromeOS.

However, it only comes with a USB receiver and no Bluetooth connection. Also, it's just great for work and general use and not suitable for gaming or anything more rigorous. Finally, this silent mouse is expensive, between $18 and $30.

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There are many silent click gaming mouse models that claim to be extremely quiet. However, many of them still do not meet the expectations of noise-sensitive gamers. If you're a player who can't stand noise, we recommend getting theMOJO Pro Performance silent gaming mouse.

Unfortunately, this silent mouse is not 100% silent, as it makes a noise that may sound raspy to some. It's great if you're looking for something close to silence. In addition, it works well as a gaming mouse, providing a sensor that can reach 12,000 DPI. That's more than enough for almost every game you play.

Furthermore, it has four macro keys on the left side that you can use to your heart's content. They're all programmable buttons, so you can speed up your workflow (and your games) as much as you like.

However, this silent mouse is not perfect and has its drawbacks. For example, it still uses a wired connection, so it's not ideal for wireless desktop setups. However, this can be an advantage if you need 100% accuracy when it comes to gameplay. On the other hand, this silent mouse is also very expensive, retailing between $60 and $70, depending on the retailer.


Wireless gaming mouse VEGCOO C10

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oVEGCOO C10It features accurate tracking with advanced wireless technology. You can expect a seamless and stable connection between your USB receiver and your PC or laptop. This silent mouse allows free movement thanks to its sensitive optical sensor. It has a quiet click on both buttons, perfect for when you're working outdoors in a crowded area.

It has a built-in 600mAh Li-ion battery so you don't have to worry about losing power when working for long hours. The mouse also comes with a charging cable that allows you to use it while charging.

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Searching for the best silent click mouse is not easy, especially when you are on a budget. After all, the quietest mouse models come at a hefty price, depending on build quality and design. That's why heTeckNet Pro 2.4G Ergonomic Wireless Optical Mouseit is God's gift to most people. If you need a reliable silent mouse for under $12, it's one of our top recommendations.

Of course, the best feature that TeckNet Pro offers is how cheap it is and how quiet it is. That's not the only thing this mouse has going for it. That's because this silent mouse is also ergonomically designed, making it perfect if you have long hours to work.

On the other hand, it is also quite responsive and has a high resolution of 2600 DPI. Plus, it's also wireless, which is a bonus considering how cheap it is. It can even save power automatically and can last up to 24 months with two triple A batteries. Lastly, it also has several buttons which are very convenient for more flexible navigation.

However, TeckNet Pro has some drawbacks, which is not unexpected given its low price. For example, it is not rechargeable and only comes with a 2.4GHz USB dongle. Therefore, you cannot connect it to any devices via Bluetooth.

What's more, it's also much louder than other silent mouse models on this list. So don't expect it to be completely silent like the others on this list. Finally, the build quality is decent, but not exactly great. However, it's a great silent mouse if you're looking for something functional at a very low price.

The 8 Best Silent Mouse Choices for Quiet Work and Gaming | (8)

Looking for the best silent mouse can be a daunting task, especially if you want something relatively affordable for gaming. Fortunately, VEGCOO has created an excellent mouse that doesn't skimp on quality despite its low price. What is this silent mouse model, you ask? is none other than himSilent click VEGCOO C8.

With this silent mouse, you get all the benefits of a decent wireless gaming mouse. It has a high DPI of 2400 and even comes with colorful LED lights to complement your gaming rig. In addition, the smooth and well-crafted body is comfortable enough for long hours of gaming.

On the other hand, this silent mouse is also wireless, which means you can play anywhere. The USB dongle that comes with it can be connected to any computer as long as it has the correct port. What's more, you can even receive a signal from a distance of up to 10 meters. So you can also use it to remotely control your device from a distance.

Lastly, it's also a rechargeable wireless mouse, so you don't have to worry about buying more batteries every few months. However, keep in mind that it can only last up to 30 days on a charge. So you will have to be prepared to charge it monthly.

Overall, there's not much to say about the downsides of this silent mouse. Of course, we would have loved that its battery could last for more than a month. Also, it would have been nice to have a Bluetooth connection. However, it's still a great silent mouse, especially since it costs less than $14.

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What to look for when buying a silent mouse?

Buying a silent mouse isn't just about looking for something that makes very little noise. There are many factors at play that you should consider before making a purchase decision. That's because a silent mouse is useless if it doesn't have all the features you need.

If you're a big multitasker, you might find it helpful to buy a silent mouse that has lots of programmable buttons. On the other hand, gamers might want a silent mouse with high performance. With that said, what should you look for when buying a silent mouse? Here's what you need to know.

produce quality

The first and one of the most important factors to consider before purchasing a silent mouse is the build quality. No one wants to buy a silent mouse, only to have it break after a few months. That's why making sure your mouse is built well enough to last a while is an important part.


On the other hand, gamers and power users may want to consider silent mouse models with high performance. Having high, low and adjustable DPI is very important especially if you play a lot of games. Some players may want faster character movement and would choose a higher DPI setting. Others may value precision and control more, opting for lower DPI levels for more precise aiming.

In addition, performance can also be related to the silent mouse model customization. Some mice have few or no additional programmable buttons that allow for greater flexibility. Others, on the other hand, have tons that you can use to your heart's content. Whatever kind of person you are, performance is an important factor to consider before purchasing a silent mouse.


Finally, we have the budget. Of course, opting for the more expensive silent mouse can guarantee quality. However, it's not always practical for anyone willing to spend less than $15. Your budget is one of the things that will determine how broad or narrow your search will be. You can narrow the list down to a few models depending on your budget. Be sure to consider the price of a silent mouse model before hitting the buy button.

Pros and Cons of Using a Silent Mouse

All this talk about buying a silent mouse is great for anyone who is actually looking for one. However, before making a final decision, it is important to first weigh the pros and cons. Is a silent mouse necessary for your workflow? Why do you need it and will it benefit you in the long run? With all that said, let's look at the pros and cons of using a silent mouse and why it can be both good and bad.

Advantages of a silent mouse

Of course, the biggest advantage of using a silent mouse is the fact that it doesn't make any noise. Many people cannot stand the annoying endless clicking sound. However, they cannot always escape if your work or game requires a lot of mouse clicks. That's why silent mouse models are so popular because they can keep things quiet without disturbing your eardrums.

In addition, silent mouse models are usually very comfortable to use. Regular mice don't use soft rubber on their buttons, which makes them noisy and noisy. However, silent mice do, and that makes them smoother and more comfortable to press. If you tend to click your mouse a lot, a comfortable, quiet mouse may be your best option.

Disadvantages of a silent mouse

Unfortunately, silent mouse models have some drawbacks. One is the plug-and-play nature of most of these devices. While this might seem like an advantage to most, some players might not like the idea. This is because some players are very fond of customizing their settings, so accompanying software would be nice.

On the other hand, while silent mouse models typically have silent clicks, most don't offer silent scrolling along with them. This is unfortunate, as loud scrolling can be just as annoying as a loud clicking sound. Furthermore, silent mouse models are often designed for right-handers, leaving left-handers with only a few models to choose from.

Finally, one of the biggest disadvantages of silent mouse models is undoubtedly the price. Tons of cheap regular mice only cost people $5. With silent mouse models, you'd be lucky if you can find one that costs $10. At the very least, you'd typically have to shell out $13 to $15 for a decent model. So it's not the most affordable, especially when you can find noisy (but decent) mice cheaper.

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