Samsung refrigerator fan noise: How to fix it? [answered] (2023)

What is the reason behind Samsung refrigerator fan noise?It is impossible for a refrigerator to be completely silent, even if it is new.

In fact, newer refrigerators can become noisier as they acclimate to their new surroundings.

Even so, the noise from your ice maker or compressor should never be so loud that it interferes with conversations or other activities.Here is a quick solution to try.

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How to fix Samsung refrigerator fan noise?

Here's how to fix noise. You can perform a manual defrost to remove ice buildup and eliminate noise, but only service will fix the underlying issue. The noise will eventually return if only a manual defrost is attempted.

Samsung refrigerator fan noise: How to fix it? [answered] (1)

By reading this guide, you will learn more about potential noise and what steps you should take if there is anything you can do to prevent the noise.

Samsung Refrigerator Noise Complaints

Samsung refrigerators were made this way. If heThe door opens, Dieevaporator fanIt still works, but it turns off automatically, and theCompressorit goes into standby mode.

When the door is closed, the thermostat saves energy and the cooling is directed outside. When you close the door switch, the thermostat determines the temperature inside the switch and tells the compressor to run according to that temperature.

What if the loud noise doesn't stop?

Lots of things can go wrong there. These factors can cause the refrigerator to hum when you open the door. These are the elements that affect the door of your Samsung refrigerator.

The most common causes of refrigerator noise and how to solve them

A refrigerator is an appliance that cannot work completely silently; therefore it should make some noise in operation. However, the usual background noise should not interfere with your other daily activities.


to listen to themKlangof yourefrigeratorIf it works correctly, it should be in the same place as your device. In fact, most of the newrefrigeratorThe models are so quiet that the onlyKlangYou will hear when you open or close thisrefrigeratorWrites.

If you hear unusual noises, this does not necessarily indicate a problem with your refrigerator. Most companies, including Samsung, provide their own list of refrigerator noises that are considered normal.

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In this particular case, they do not require a service call. However, if your Samsung refrigerator is annoyingly loud or makes strange and unusual noises, you need to find out what is making it so loud.

Now let's look at the most common reasons why your Samsung refrigerator is so noisy. Based on their past experience, our expert technicians have made the following observations:

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1. Ice forms on the Samsung refrigerator around the fan and makes a noise.

The noise is caused by the formation of ice around the fan. You may need to defrost the Samsung refrigerator fan. You can manually perform the defrost process to remove ice buildup and noise, and in this case the only service is to fix the root cause of the problem.

If only a manual defrost is performed, the noise will come back later. Therefore, we recommend that you contact customer service for this issue.

Samsung refrigerator fan noise: How to fix it? [answered] (2)

Based on the knowledge and experience of our experts, we can identify other causes of noise due to icing, including:

The compressor has to run at full power due to a faulty thermostat. Due to the constant operation of the compressor, the coils can freeze.

Another problem is when condensation oraguait accumulates in an unfavorable place (for example, near the coils) and freezes. This problem is further complicated by frozen coils impeding airflow throughout the system and the increasing size of the ice chunks.

The situation worsens to the point where the compartment has become a self-contained chunk of ice and must be thawed. This can be accomplished by raising the level of your refrigerator. If the refrigerator sags in either direction, this may be the cause of water pooling that is preventing it from draining.

(Video) Fridge Making Loud Noise and How To Fix It

It is also possible that the cause is a fan malfunction or airflow restriction somewhere. If the fan is not working properly, the air will not circulate to the required areas. In addition, the proper operation of the fan prevents the accumulation of excessive moisture in the compartment. These are possible causes of the problem mentioned above.

Move the refrigerator forward about 2 inches to make room for it. If the noise stops, it means that the refrigerator is charging with another object, such as a B. a water pipe or a wall, it has come into contact and has been repaired.

It is not recommended to use a hair dryer or other heat source on the refrigerator to speed up defrosting, as this will damage the refrigerator from the defrosting process itself.

2. Moisture given off by food that has been left to dry

Covering glasses with water, milk, opening soda cans, soup, slicing watermelon, mangoes, fruits, wet vegetables, raw meat and other foods is a good idea.


They all produce moisture that can eventually cause the refrigerator to overheat and fail.

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You see the moisture insiderefrigeratorit is extremely low, which means that anything that can dry out will, releasing moisture into the air.

If there is too much moisture inside, ice will gradually form as excess ice will usually exceed the defrost heater's short heating cycle (like other Samsung refrigerators, they are designed to have a shorter heating cycle to meet with Energy Star requirements).

3) The water that accumulates in the bottom of the pantry tray.

Samsung refrigerator fan noise: How to fix it? [answered] (3)

The pantry shelf below, which collects the water, is the other major source of moisture.

But removing the pantry and cleaning the bottom rack monthly or bi-monthly can easily fix this (or after a spill from the top racks).

4. Evaporator fan not working properly.

When the compressor is running, the evaporator fan motor is responsible for drawing air over the evaporator coils. A faulty evaporator fan motor in your refrigerator, which appears to be coming from the freezer section, could be the cause of the loud noise.

(Video) Samsung refrigerator grinding and freeze up fix, one that actually works!

You may also find that yourrefrigeratordoesn't keep its temperature as cold as it used to or that your ice cream is taking longer than usual to freeze. ThatEvaporatorFanMotor-itself could be faulty, which could cause it to become excessively noisy while the system is running.

Grinding or clicking noises are usually caused by engine bearing failure, which can be heard as a result of engine bearing failure.

5. Damaged fan blades

Refrigerators must have at least two fan blades to function properly. One of these fans, mounted on the condenser fan motor, draws air from the front of the refrigerator and circulates it over the condenser coils (helping to dissipate heat generated by the unit's gaseous refrigerant condensing on a liquid hot). , before the air returns to the outside through the grill. One of the other components is an evaporator fan blade that connects to the evaporator fan motor.

that thishell goesrotates, the air comes out of therefrigeratorcompartmentand in thefreezercompartment, which flows through the evaporator coils, which are cooled by the refrigerant in liquid form, which expands back to gas.

The evaporator coils extract heat from the air, which is returned to the walk-in cooler through the refrigeration coils. Condenser or evaporator fan blades can become damaged or loosen over time, causing them to rub against a panel or support during unit operation.

The result is a screeching or screeching noise that can be heard when the fan motor is turned on or off.

6. Unusual noises like crackling, popping, and popping

As the temperature in the refrigerator rises and falls, all the plastic parts expand and contract, making various clicking noises. It is generally acceptable to mention this during the defrost cycle.

New generation refrigerators are also more common since they are more used to the humidity and temperature of a new home. These sounds are considered normal and may become less noticeable over time.

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This sound can be compared to the sounds made when ice cubes are placed in a glass filled with warm water, or it can be compared to the sound made when Rice Krispies are opened. However, since the Samsung fridge is bigger, all that noise can be louder than you might expect, but it's still manageable and suppressible.

All of these noises may be normal, but if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can diagnose and fix any issues that may be present.

7. Squeaky door hinges are a common problem.

If your refrigerator hinges creak loudly or softly, spray silicone spray on the hinge cover. Only food-safe silicone spray should be used. Other types of cleaners like WD-40 can attack grease.

(Video) Refrigerator Repair - Not Cooling Properly & Freezing up on the back panel

The following steps can be performed if the refrigerator is new or has never been used and the hinges squeak.

Allow some adjustment time on the hinges. One possible cause of this problem is that the door harness is not seated correctly. With regular use, it will eventually fit properly.

After a week or so, check the plates to make sure they are the correct size. It is explained in more detail in your user manual.

MustRemove and reinstall doors.raises the possibility that they were not reinstalled correctly. This could be the case if you move or take your home with you. Consult your user manual to determine if this was done correctly or not. If not, follow the steps below.

Look under the fridge for clues. the levelingrefrigerator legsit should be completely on the ground while the wheels should be completely off the ground. If not, Samsung will provide you with a guide and help you fix the problem.

Our Final Thoughts on Samsung Refrigerator Fan Noise

If you have a newer unit, consider using the defrost feature once a month or more frequently as a preventative maintenance measure to keep it running smoothly.

This seems to be beneficial for a large number of users.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fan Noise on Samsung Refrigerators

Why is the fan in my Samsung fridge making noise?

The air circulation fans in the refrigerator make this noise. It is unusual but typical. Sometimes this noise can be reduced by moving the refrigerator slightly (about 2.5 cm, leaving 5 cm at the top, sides and rear).

How can I turn down the fan on my refrigerator?

Maintenance and cleaning of the condenser fan
With the refrigerator unplugged, check the condenser fan, particularly the rubber grommets, for signs of wear. Use a soft bristle brush to remove any dirt or debris that may be clogging the condenser motor fan. Try the other suggestions below if that doesn't stop your fridge from getting noisy.

(Video) Samsung Refrigerator Troubleshooting - How to Clear Error Codes, Error List + Samsung Forced Defrost

Does a refrigerator fan have to run constantly?

To keep the room cool, the compressor and fan motors only need to run occasionally during the day. Continued use of the fan and compressor indicates that the system is having trouble maintaining temperature.


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