Review of Anglian Double Glazed Windows (2023)

Our Anglia double glazed window review takes a closer look at the company to see if it's the best choice for your home.

Rachel Sadler 04 January 2023

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Finding one can be difficultdouble glazed windowsinstaller you can trust and have high-quality, stylish windows. Anglian window frames are available in PVC, timber and aluminium. There are seven styles to choose from: Tilt, Swing, Flush, Bay, Sash, Cabana and Shaped, as well as decorative lens options.

We go through the English website, comparison sites and what the experts say to provide a thoroughly researched review. This review covers the style and types of windows that Anglian offers, the warranty, price range and energy rating. We also examine the pros and cons of being a Windows installer, taking into account the latest reviews on Trustpilot from those who have installed Windows Anglian.

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Fast facts on double glazed windows in Anglia

  • Founded:1966
  • Installationsservice:And
  • Accredited:secured by construction

Key Features

  • Warranty Options:10-year parts and labor warranty and 15-year gas-filled window warranty
  • Price range:£250 - £910 per window

Anglian have been installing windows for over 50 years and specialize in double and triple glazing which is why they are seen by customers as a trusted supplier. Offers a choice of frame materials and finishes in a variety of styles and lens options.

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Pros and cons of Anglican double glazed windows

Check out the highlights of why Anglian may or may not be the right choice for your home:

Widely accredited by FENSA, TrustMark, Secured by Design and Glass and Glazing FederationShort guarantee (i.e. windows last 20 years, but the English guarantee is 10 years)
No minimum order and customized products to meet your needs at homePoor financing options (e.g. financing plan has 9.9% APR; some competitors offer no interest)
High energy efficiency class, all windows are rated A++, A or BNot the highest rating on Trustpilot - other competitors have higher ratings
WIDE VARIETY OF STYLES - You can also choose from multiple colors to personalize your windows to your liking

How do Anglican double glazed windows work?

Review of Anglian Double Glazed Windows (1)

Bay windows can add character to your home (Image credit: Anglian)

To receive your no-obligation quote, you can call Anglian or fill out an online form. You will be offered an in-home or virtual tour and a local design expert will walk you through the various options Anglian has to offer and provide you with a free quote. A technical expert will come to your home to measure your windows while thoroughly reviewing your order's design specifications. Your windows are made to measure in state of the art factories in the UK. Once the windows are ready, the Anglic team comes and installs them at will.

According to Trustpilot reviews, the installation process for Anglican windows can start as few months after the first survey.

Anglian double glazed windows compared to the competition

Not all window suppliers cover the whole of the UK, but Anglian does. You will also find that Anglian has showrooms across the UK which are regionally based. In showrooms, regional experts can help explain the installation process, as well as inform you about design and layout options.

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Anglian doesn't offer the best prices on the market; For example, Britelite's PVC windows range from £160 to £450 per window, which is a fairer price than Anglian, which starts at £250.

It's also important to consider your Windows vendor's warranty when choosing the right Windows installer for you.

Everest has one of the best warranties on the market, offering 10-year, 20-year, or lifetime transferrable warranties on their products. It is also worth noting that double glazed windows have an average lifespan of 20 years so Anglian's warranty may not cover the life of your windows.

That being said, Anglian is one of the best window manufacturers on the market for its wide range of style and material options; Most of their competitors don't offer this. Anglian offers uPVC in wood and aluminum finishes, decorative glass and high-end security features such as deadbolt locks, key pulls, bypass devices and multipoint locks.

How much do double glazed windows cost in Anglia?

Not all window frames cost the same, and not just Anglican windows. In general, PVC window frames are the cheapest option and wood is the most expensive option.

In order to provide an accurate quote, Anglian must personally measure your windows. However, online comparison sites suggest that you can expect the following prices per 60cm x 90cm window.

MaterialCost per window (excluding labor costs)

Despite this, Anglian offers a price match for PVC windows. If you find a lower price for your windows from another supplier, Anglian will match it. To do this, various offers and surveys must be obtained from other window suppliers in order to find the best price.

What the experts say

Review of Anglian Double Glazed Windows (2)

Anglian is often praised for the quality of its double glazed windows. (Image credit: English)

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“Anglian is accredited by the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme and the Glass and Glazing Federation, which means Anglian installers can self-certify that double glazing meets building regulations. This saves you having to contact the building inspector in your municipality.”Which

“Anglian offer a PVC window price match system, which means that if you find a lower price for your doors and windows from another installer, they will match the price. This can be very convenient, but it means getting an inspection or survey from multiple companies to get the best price.”ExpertInsurance

“Anglian covers the whole of the UK, unlike some providers who only cover England and parts of Wales. However, what is unique about Anglian is that you can find Anglian showrooms across the UK, all of which are regionally based. Not only do they have literally hundreds of showrooms and branches across the UK, but they also have local experts in each of them so you can always contact them by phone or email for more information rather than being routed to a national call centre ."Experts in double glazing

customer reviews

Anglian has a firmTrustpilot star rating of 3.8, with more than half of its reviews rating it "excellent".

“Our family is very happy with our new Anglian windows. Sheseeamazing and sheSohnamazing: sturdy, great insulation, easy to clean. Thank you for being so professional and making our home more comfortable.”– Mari Warren abouttrusted pilot

“Installing new windows was easy and hassle-free. We sat down with a nice associate who helped us make the right decisions. We then waited for the work to start, which happened in a very reasonable and quick time. The workers who installed the windows were great, very polite, did the job very well and left the house tidy afterwards. Perfect!"– Rita gonetrusted pilot

“I recently had all my windows and patio doors installed by Anglian. The installation took place just a few months after the survey was completed. The guys who came in for the installation, Wayne and Dalton, were absolutely amazing. They were very professional and very nice. You did an incredible job and my husband and I are very happy with the result. Good quality product tuned to a high standard. I would highly recommend Wayne and Dalton and would definitely use them in the future. You are an honor for Anglian Home Improvements.”– Helen abouttrusted pilot

our recommendation

Anglian has decades of experience and offers a 10 to 15 year guarantee on its windows, giving customers peace of mind about the quality of the company's products. In addition to a variety of styles and design options, the ability to customize your windows to match your home is very appealing.

Anglian also offers payment plans and while they are not interest free this may still suit some customers' needs. However, Anglian isn't the most profitable company out there. For this reason, it is always recommended to find, request and compare offers from at least three companies.

How we select the best UK double glazed window suppliers

To rate Anglian we did some research and compared some of the top rated window manufacturers in the UK to help us give an honest and informative review. In this research, we looked at the product warranty, cost, customer reviews, expert opinion, design, and customization options. All of this allowed us to form our own opinions about Anglian Windows and their installation process.

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