Recommended Components 2023 Edition Room Acoustic Treatments (2023)

Room acoustic treatments:

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Acoustic Geometry Small Curve: 399,99 $ ★
Medium curve: $449.99 ★
Deluxe Curve, Walnut Frame: $549.99 ★
Luxury Curve, Red Oak, Black Stained Frame: $549.99★
The Acoustic Geometry Curve System includes diffusers, absorbers, and corner traps, each measuring 42 inches tall and available in multiple fabric options. Each model is constructed on a wooden frame with a wedge-shaped loop for hanging the product from a suitable piece on the wall Diffusers contain a Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) cone and are designed to control low and mid frequencies; Absorbers are essentially the same design as diffusers but have an acoustically transparent front face and do not contain an MLV membrane; Corner traps are triangular wooden frames filled with recycled cotton In EL's listening room, the Curve system produced a wider soundstage and greater clarity Diffusers: $339.98 $639.98 depending on size Wide pads: $320.98 $395.98 each by Width Corner Traps: $697.98 Pricing based on Guilford fr701, Anchorage, and Acoustic Suede All other sizes and fabric options offered individually. (Vol.35 No.2 WWW)

ASC StudioTrap: US$ 639 ★
Adjustable, tripod-mounted spatial setting device that represents "ASC's newest TrapThink," according to J-10, who uses a variety of StudioTraps to great effect in his Manhattan loft. The front half is highly reflective for brighter sound, while the back half is highly reflective for drier acoustics. He strongly recommended the Traps "to anyone whose family allows them to fill their listening room with gobos". (Gobos are "sound-absorbing panels used to surround artists in recording studios.")stereophil's "Accessoire 1999". (Vol.21 No.12 WWW)

ASC-SubTrap: $699$899 ★
This "big, beefy black box" sits beneath a subwoofer to solve acoustic problems caused by the interactions between a subwoofer's output power and room modes. The improvements in room acoustics were immediate, KR thought, even with the subwoofer unplugged: "There was less obvious energy from clapping, talking loudly, or just stomping." With the system on, there was "the least visible bass energy of any wide-range signal." . With a Paradigm Servo-15 Sub on a SubTrap, the bass was deeper and more detailed: "Ah yeah, glorious bass with no boom!" Available in three sizes: 15", 18" and the revised square 22" model. (Vol.27 No.9 WWW)

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ASC TowerTrap: $7091389 ★
Originally dubbed the Cube Tower, the TowerTrap is a "smaller, more cosmetically acceptable, and more affordable version of the classic TubeTrap," writes BJR. "Very effective in taming room anomalies in the mid and upper bass range. It looks like an attractive Vandersteen speaker that's sitting in the corner there." (NR)

ASC TubeTraps: 539 $ 1099 $ ★
Relatively inexpensive but remarkably effective room acoustic treatment. TubeTraps soak up low to high standing wave resonances like sponges. WP agrees and uses traps to optimize his room acoustics for the MartinLogan SL3 electrostatics while BD uses them to optimize his room while listening to the Thiel CS7.2s. Using the Tone of the Musical Articulation Test (MATT).stereophilvonTest-CD 2(STPH004-2) he positioned them first for smoother overall response and articulation, then "choose depth, dimensionality and ambience". A graphics recorder displayed the changes graphically. In the end, "the sound was amazing," said BD, who wholeheartedly recommends them. (Vol.9 No.3, Vol.15 No.2, Vol.16 No.12, Vol.19 No.1, Vol.20 No.5, Vol.23 No.2 WWW)

Auralex SubDude II: US$ 59,99 ★
A 23" long x 15" wide MDF platform covered with a thick felt carpet and supported by two high-density insulating pad risers, the SubDude is rated for 300 lbs. KR noted that the SubDude significantly isolated his Paradigm Servo-15 subwoofer from the live wood floor, making the sound "tighter and fuller, but conversely less obtrusive." When used in full-range speakers, the SubDudes offered similar bass results, impacting high-frequency performance. The current SubDude II has a lower profile than the revised original pattern. (Vol.27 No.12 WWW)

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E-Trap Bag End Trap: $1760 ★
It uses active electronics to drive an acoustic device that acts directly on the room's acoustics, rather than forcing anything in the electronic signal path. With its 10” driver, controls and power amp in an 18”H x 13”W x 9.5”D enclosure, the E-Trap looks like a small subwoofer with no input connectors. "While the E-Trap's appearance often goes unnoticed, its effect on room acoustics is significant," enthuses KR. It cancels out room mode overlay, delivering clear, clean bass while reducing the impact of ambient noise. (Vol.31 No.7 WWW)

HDDI ZR Micro Twin Mk3: US$ 949 ★
Mk3 8-Bit-ZR-Abtastrate: $466 ★
Delta H Design, Inc., or DHDI, is a Los Angeles County architectural and acoustics firm that manufactures home care products for the professional and residential markets. Two of the latter are from DHDI's Zero Reflection range: the ZR Micro Micro Twin, which measures 24" × 48" x 1.25" and is fabric-covered, is meant to be placed directly behind the speakers, while the curious and chunky ZR Sample Rate 8 Bit ($383) is a 20" × 40" × 0.75" MDF board that has been CNC carved into an intricate edge pattern. After treating his room with two ZR Micros and three ZR Sample Rate 8 Bits, JM noticed a definite improvement in the sound: “I loved it. I was actually surprised at the improvement I heard.” (Vol.38 No.4 WWW)

PSI AVAA C20 Electronic Bass Trap: $3,125 each ★
In a space dominated by DSP products, the AVAA C20 stands out: this feedback correction device uses pure analog technology. Inside the AVAA C20, whose name stands for Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber, is a microphone, a perforated diaphragm, a velocity converter and an amplifier with feedforward and feedback. Basically, the C20 converts incoming pressure waves into velocity waves by absorbing them. It is said to work on pressure waves between 15 and 150 Hz without affecting other frequencies and more than one C20 can be used in a given space. In a guest review forstereophil, acclaimed mastering engineer Bob Katz described the AVAA effect as a polish rather than a "correction" per se, and praised the active C20 for working well in conjunction with its more traditional (and larger) passive capture products. (Vol.39 No.6 WWW)

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Pronto Acoustics Chameleon Super-Sub-Bassfallen: US$ 309,99 ★
The Chameleon Super Sub Bass Trap measures 48" high × 24" wide × 6" thick and is available in eight fabric covers and four frame colors, allowing it to be used without dominating the view. The Chameleons were "audibly and measurably more effective" than KR's Echo Busters Corner Traps and produced "undeniable" improvements in the mids and lows (Vol.32 No.9 WWW)

RealTraps MondoTraps: $350 ★
Ecke MondoTraps: $370 ★
The MondoTrap is a large acoustic absorber (57"H × 24"W × 4.25"D) made of rigid "dual-density" fiberglass and covered with an acoustically transparent fabric. MondoTraps appeared to reduce "glaze". , which allowed Jim Austin to hear the music more deeply."Far from deadening the room," he said, "MondoTraps made the music more immersive."I like what the Mondo Traps have done to my bedroom," adds KR, "although I have to agree with Jim (and my wife) that her looks suit a studio or dedicated audio room better than the average person's lifestyle." A smaller listening room resulted in stronger, more coherent bass Corner MondoTrap, designed to be unobtrusive in a To fit corner of a room costs $350 (Vol.30 No.8, Vol.33 No.2 WWW)

RealTraps: $150$700 depending on size and type ★
With these fiberglass panels mounted at the juncture of room boundaries and in the corners, KR saw tremendous improvements in image, detail and soundstage breadth: "Every sound in the room, whether real or reproduced, is more defined in character and location". While KR was very happy with the results, he admitted the panels were visually impressive: "The HF MiniTraps on the rack get in the way all the time." Mini Trap, $200; HF Mini Trap, $200; MondoTraps, $300; stands, $80. (Vol. 28 No. 1, Vol. 29 No. 11, Vol. 33 No. 2 WWW)

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Stillpoints Aperture II Acoustic Panel: 960 $ (jede Farbe)
A refinement of the original Stillpoints Aperture II wall-mounted square room treatment panel that functions as a diffuser, absorber and resonator, the Aperture II is lighter and easier to assemble. According to MF, it also looks better and is even more effective: "The illusion of the disappearance of the boundaries of the side walls of my room became even more convincing." (Vol.42 No.6 WWW)

Totem BeaksAcoustic Tuning Pods: US$ 150/Par ★
The beak is a precision-machined spherical device approximately 2" x 1.5" in diameter that must be placed on top of a speaker to control stray resonances. When the Beaks were used with the GoldenEar Triton Two speakers, the highs gained clarity and range, the percussion instruments had greater presence, and the vocals were more focused, RD said. "The Beaks have improved so much that I wouldn't want to be without them," he said. See also EL's Totem Forest Review in Vol.33 No.1. (Vol.35 No.2 WWW)


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