Reasons why the engine sounds loud when you accelerate the car - reasonable driver (2023)

This repair and maintenance guide explains why your engine makes a loud noise when you accelerate. The few seconds or minutes of acceleration can be noisy and draw the unwanted attention of other road users.

A car's engine is louder when accelerating due to a failed exhaust system, worn fan belt, bearing failure, faulty gearbox and worn piston/knocking engine. A knock sensor malfunction and a damaged heat shield are also common causes of loud engine noise when accelerating.

Instead of avoiding the gas pedal, you want to tell them what the problem is without consulting a mechanic to fix it.

Reasons why the engine sounds loud when you accelerate the car - reasonable driver (2)


Why does the engine sound loud when accelerating and how to fix it?

This section examines the various reasons why your vehicle keeps rattling loudly when you accelerate. Of course, corrections are also recommended:

  1. Defective exhaust system

On some cars, the exhaust is a bit louder when accelerating. Sports cars can be very noisy because they are built for it.

However, with a crossover or sedan that suddenly roars like a race car, the muffler and tailpipes need to be checked.

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If your car makes noise when you accelerate, a loose fastening could be causing the muffler to vibrate. A leak in the muffler or one of the exhaust pipes along your car will make it sound louder when you accelerate.

how to repair

A closer look will reveal whether the muffler or the exhaust pipe is defective.

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However, this issue requires a mechanic to get a proper diagnosis and identify other issues with your exhaust, including a ruptured exhaust pipe gasket.

  1. worn serpentine belt

Worn V-belts cause your car's engine to rattle when you accelerate. This is usually when the engine emits a squeaking or squeaking noise instead of loud knocks.

A defective pulley system, on which the belt runs when accelerating, also causes noise.

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In this case, when the belt system on the engine spins to ignite during acceleration, loose belt components squeak against the pulley system and cause rough rotation.

how to repair

If you find the belt is loose, tighten it to stop the loud engine speed noise.

A worn belt is responsible for loud noises when accelerating, buy a replacement belt. You may also need to change the pulley system.

Changing the pulley system depends on the severity of the damage or its effect on the engine.

  1. Ball bearing failure

If the bearings are defective, you will hear a loud engine noise or ticking. Bearings are located where the moving parts of the engine meet the stationary parts. They hold the crankshaft in place so it can rotate in the engine block.

Bearings also reduce friction between the stationary and rotating parts of the engine. Moving components such as crankshafts and connecting rods are supported by bearings.

Bearings help determine the pressureEngine oiland protects the crankshaft from damage caused by small particles.

Failed bearings will not rotate the cam and crankshaft with the required throttle and will make a loud noise when the bearings move faster.

how to repair

If bearing failure is causing the engine to sound louder when accelerating, replace the bearing parts.

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Replacing bearing parts can be stressful, so you should hire an experienced mechanic to do the engine work for the bearing replacement.

  1. faulty transmission

The gearbox in a car helps adjust the gear ratio between the drive wheels and the engine when you slow down or speed up the car. It simply adjusts the engine power to your driving speed and weight.

The gearbox does a lot in a car so it is right to have it checked as a faulty gearbox will make the car engine noisier orrattle when accelerating.

how to repair

The solution is to change the transmission fluids at least once50,000 miles. You may not meet your travel times, so check regularly that your fluid level is within an acceptable range.

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Top up the transmission oil if it is below the recommended levels to prevent the car from squealing when you step on the gas pedal to accelerate.

  1. Worn piston or engine knock

The piston is an important component in the internal combustion engine that helps convert fuel into energy to power a car. It is a metal component that moves in a cylinder, similar to a ram.

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When the piston works, it moves silently. However, a worn piston makes a loud noise in the engine, which increases when the car accelerates.

how to repair

Piston displacement and prolonged use will cause wear. The first solution to consider to prevent the engine from rattling under acceleration is to check and properly place the piston rings.

Make sure the pistons do not move when starting the car after installation. Use the correct number of rings during installation or have a professional replace them.

You should also consider greasing the piston if it sounds too loud during acceleration.

  1. Knock sensor defective

The knock sensor in a car detects pre-ignition and knock. It only detects knocking noises in engine operating conditions to protect the engine from damage.

In a modern vehicle there is usually a smooth balance between injectors, air or fuel ratio and timing because it is computer controlled. This computerized control also helps the engine run silently even without a balance between these factors.

A failed knock sensor will not maintain balance in the engine and will cause multiple engine knocks and loud noises during acceleration.

how to repair

The solution is to get a replacement knock sensor for your car. Be sure to have the air/fuel ratio checked on a manually controlled car and look for other conditions that are causing the engine to knock. An auto mechanic is best able to fix this problem to prevent the vehicle from making loud squeaks when accelerating.

  1. damaged heat shield

Heat Shield is a thermal barrier that protects items from overheating. For example, it keeps the 400-degree exhaust from catching fire in a wheat field you're parking in.

The heat shield is important for the exhaust, but is subject to frequent damage because it is under the car and gets heated while driving.

Damaged heat shields cause a loud engine noise when accelerating. This is usually the result of an increased engine work rate.

how to repair

(Video) How to Fix a Squeaky Belt (figure out where the squeak is coming from)

The solution is to repair it or get a replacement heat shield, and the installation process is similar to installing an exhaust pipe gasket. You need a mechanic to fix it or install the replacement. Replacement heat shields can be expensive.

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final thoughts

The suggestion in this post could be exactly what is wrong with your engine, causing it to rattle when accelerating. Try to figure out the general problem before contacting a mechanic, or try to fix it yourself.

Most importantly, do not keep driving a car that makes a lot of noise, whether you are accelerating or not, to avoid serious problems.

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Why is my engine louder than normal when I accelerate? ›

A loud noise coming from your vehicle when you accelerate, particularly one that sounds similar to a lawn mower is most likely due to an exhaust system leak.

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If you're hearing a noise while operating your gas pedal, there are a few items that could cause this including a vacuum leak, exhaust system leak or even a problem with the gas pedal or throttle cable itself on your Mazda Tribute.

Why does sound so loud in my car well driving? ›

What's happening: You probably have a leak or crack in your exhaust system's manifold. The roaring you hear is excess engine noise that would normally get silenced by the muffler. When your exhaust system fails, all of your engine's sound waves and vibrations get channeled into the car.

Why does my car sound like a boat when I accelerate? ›

You very likely have an issue with a large exhaust leak at or before the muffler. Most commonly, heat and moisture combine over time to form small holes in the muffler or exhaust pipe, causing the muffler to stop... well... muffling.

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Sorry to hear about your vehicle trouble! In general, there are four main issues that could cause your vehicle to start sounding like a motorcycle: damage to the engine, exhaust system, belt, or drivetrain.

What does a failing transmission sound like? ›

Clunking, humming or whining sounds are signs of automatic transmission problems. Faulty manual transmissions will also give off loud machinelike sounds that seem to come out of nowhere. A clunking noise when you shift gears is a telltale transmission situation. Have a mechanic look it over.

Why does my car sound like a helicopter when I accelerate? ›

If your exhaust pipe is loose, it can cause your car to make a helicopter-like sound. This is the problem with the mounts or brackets holding the exhaust pipe. You'll need to have a mechanic take a look at this and tighten or replace the mounts.

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Should your vehicle's engine run low on engine oil it could cause it to make a loud "ticking or tapping" noise. This noise is caused by an insufficient amount oil being pumped into the top part of the engine. A simple check of the engine oil level will help you determine if the system is low.


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