Psychic predicts what's in store for our favorite stars in 2023 (2023)

Some things that happen in show business are completely unpredictable.Will Smithto defeatchris rockat the Oscars is something no one saw coming, but if you're a psychic with farsightedness, you're probably already prepared for all the celebrity bombshells to come.

Most of what 2022 had to offer honestly surprised us:matt hancockI'm a celebrity, Rihanna is having a baby (and all those flashy maternity outfits), and Khloe Kardashian has another Bubba with her.Tristan Thompson– yes, it was quite an exhausting year.

However, we're not looking back anymore, we're forward, racing toward the new series of breakups, pregnancies, feuds, and hot TV shows that will entertain us for the next 12 months.

Here at we thought we were a little more prepared for what was to come and who better to talk to than someone with a crystal ball? We cry for psychics andInbaal Honigman tarot readerwho gave us a hint of what to expect from some of our favorite stars in 2023...

kim kardashian

The Fool, Ace of Wands, 8 of Coins.

Kim needs a break. She is tired and she wants 2023 to be her self-care year to relax and make memories with her family. But she is an active person and she doesn't really know how to kick back and relax.

In her imagination, she's lying on the beach in Mustique with a mocktail in hand while the kids play in the sand, but in reality she'll find ways to keep herself as busy as possible. She's exhausted or not, she loves to be the center of attention, she loves to earn money and she'll find a way to monetize her year off.

However, she is too exhausted for a new love.

kate price

6 of the Wands, the Sun, 3 of the Chalices.

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What a wonderful year awaits Katie! Despite the ups and downs of her career, she emerges victorious. She's raking in money thanks to some well-placed endorsement deals, a new book, and a personal subscription service. But what's even more exciting is that she's secured a new long-term television deal thanks to a well-received television appearance.

Katie loves to be in love, and 2023 will see her arm in arm with a true knight in shining armor. A very sweet and familiar showbiz guy with blonde hair and a promising dating history. He has been a good friend to others in the past and will be kind to our Katie.

Brooklyn Beckham y Nicola Peltz

Brooklyn = 2 wands. Nicola = 2 of spades. Together = Prince of Cups.

This loving and devoted couple is a marvelous couple in character. Their fiery character adapts to their intellectual personality and each one has their own way of doing things so as not to step on the toes of others and support each other in their personal projects.

This year will bring many interesting job offers abroad for the couple. You will enjoy all that is offered as they assume you only live once. There are no babies listed on your cards.

Ekin-Su Culculoglu and Davide Sanclimenti

Ekin-Su = Knight of Swords. Davide = knight of coins. Together = The Wizard.

Their tarot cards show that they are cut from the same cloth. Both ambitious, international and independent. Whether two unrelated people can have a relationship with each other remains to be seen.

Professionally, they've both had a wonderful year, with Ekin-Su progressing with a few writing projects, a book or magazine column, and plenty of traveling as well. Davide will have some photography projects abroad and some interviews planned in his native Italy.

As a couple, they give each other space. It's not a very romantic setup as they don't get offered many projects together, so they don't see each other often. They may be taking a break this year, but will try to get back together once things have cooled down a bit.

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Holly Willoughby y Phillip Schofield

Holly = 9 coins. Phil = 5 coins.

There are other openings for Holly. A commercial announcer would happily offer him a lot more money to get her brand, but Phil doesn't have the same offers on the table.

Khloe Kardashian

7 of Wands, 9 of Wands, Prince of Swords.

Khloe has so many projects left that she feels like all she does is work and sports, and she misses spending time with the younger generation of her extended family. She wishes for a quiet year and she wants to play silly games and sing songs with the babies... but she still can't.

You have contracts and commitments that you would sincerely like to get out of. Next year he will reconsider what his preferences are and we will see that he does fewer projects and only does the things he really loves.

love island

Ace of Coins, Cups 9, The Hierophant.

The Love Island 2023 winners already seem to come from money, from a wealthy and independent family.

One of the winners is blond with a "regional" accent and the other is dark and well spoken, possibly a Taurus, and is of Arab descent.

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Meghan y Harry

Meghan = ace of spades. Harry = The Hanged Man. Together = 10 wands.

The Hanged Man is the card Harry gets for 2023, and it's better than it sounds. He talks about stability and balance, not much will change for him in the next year, which is music to his ears. He is no longer interested in drama or excitement. Some legal matters require his signature and his presence in the UK.

Meghan's Ace of Spades is a writing card, there could be a book in the works for the Duchess.

Together there is a certain limitation for the couple. They will all be busy with their own projects and will miss each other very much. They want to make their family a priority, but have job offers that require them to travel internationally and often separately.


3 of the coins. Justice. 6 of the coins.

The new mother does not let anyone dictate her life. She sets strong boundaries and doesn't accept job offers or friendships that don't fit into her previous life. She wants to be bored for a year, and she just wants to do mommy's. Rihanna has set a specific goal for mom: spend time with her baby, be there to hear her first word, her first step.

However, she is a creative woman and will continue to work with him: Zoom meetings for his makeup line and late-night recording sessions from his home with only the most celebrated songwriters.

She will have a new runway and her cosmetics line will have some interesting product launches.

Britney Spears

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7 of Cups, 8 of Spades, Queen of Coins

Mental health continues to be a big focus for Britney. She's going to have some false starts in 2023, announcing collaborations and not doing them, or starting an endorsement deal and then canceling it. She struggles to stay consistent and her focus must be on self-care and forgiveness.

Musically, he will travel back in time and release some of his old songs for his devoted fans.


The Wheel of Fortune, 2 of Cups, The Lovers.

With so much romance ahead for Adele in 2023, she'll have more than enough material for one or three new albums. She is well aware of life's ups and downs this year and goes with the flow when she experiences a loss in the extended family.

Some emotional ups and downs mean that your physical image will also change.

But at the heart of the coming year is a love story so powerful and intense that it will inspire single parents everywhere. She'll be celebrating her beautiful love in multiple places, and a striking engagement ring is on the line.

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