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If you suddenly hear a strange noise coming from your PS5 console, then you are not alone. In this guide, I will show you everything you need to know about PS5 buzzing problem 2022.

PS5 Buzzing Noise / Coil Whine in 2022 (QUICK FIX!) - TechProfet (1)

First, I'll start by explaining what's really happening (and why it's happening). That way you know what you're dealing with. In the following I explain what possible damage this can cause. Finally, I'll show you how to stop it quickly.

So, without further ado, let's dive right in!


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What exactly is the PS5 buzzing about and why?

In most cases, the PS5 hum is caused by coil hum. Coil While is widely used in electronic devices. It is caused by current as it flows through the coil in the electronics.

When current flows through the coils of an inductor or capacitor, the coil vibrates and causes hum. When this happens at a high frequency that is audible to humans, we hear sounds like a PS5 hum coming from the console's power supply.

PS5 Buzzing Noise / Coil Whine in 2022 (QUICK FIX!) - TechProfet (2)

Depending on the amount of current flowing through the coils, the oscillations can change in amplitude and frequency, so the volume and pitch of the noise can vary under different conditions. The greater the load on the console, the greater the current flowing.

This is why the PS5 hum gets very loud when your console is heavily used, e.g. B. when you play resource-intensive games like Demon's Souls, Astrobot, No Man's Sky, Miles Morales, Borderlands 3, Genshin, etc. On the other hand, you may hear the noise (or just a hum/hum) when the console is idle.on the home screen or menu screen.

In some extreme cases, the noise becomes very high pitched (crackling or ticking noise) and sounds like an electric razor or as loud as a jet engine or refrigerator.

DuringSome users using the Disk Edition have reportedthat when you install a game you only hear a very loud hum, this can happen whether you are using the disc version or the discless digital version. Many users have also noticed that the PS5 hum only occurs with PS5 games and not PS4 games on the same console. This makes sense since PS5 games can be more demanding than the PS4 alternative.

You should also know that although this is a very common problem among PlayStation console users, many users do not experience the high coil during the problem. One reason for this is the different Power Supply Units (PSUs) that come with the different fan types in PlayStation 5 consoles (currently 3 different fan designs were used in different consoles).

With all that said, the next question to ask is “Can the PS5 coil damage your console?” (or is it already damaged?)”

Can PS5 hum (coil whine) damage the console?

Or does that mean your console is defective?

Quick answer: NO, while coils do not cause problems (i.e. do not affect your console's performance or longevity).

While it can be really annoying, especially when the PS5 hum gets so loud, it is in no way a sign of damage and will not damage your console in any way. As I said earlier, coil noise occurs in many electronic devices (including some high-end gaming laptops and graphics cards), and it's just the result of them doing the work they're supposed to do.

While Sony could have addressed the issue better earlier (by using better materials and properly isolating the capacitors), it's definitely not as loud as the jet engine noise on the PlayStation 4 (PS4) Pro. On the latter, you could barely hear game audio or ambient noise if it got too loud.

If it's imperceptible at TV volume levels within the normal range, don't worry. Just turn the TV volume up to the normal range and ignore the background noise coming from the console. You can also use a headset. Then you should definitely check out the PlayStation PULSE 3D Wireless Headset.

The real problem is when it gets really loud (it sounds like a jet engine, electric razor, or fridge) and you can still hear it no matter how loud your TV is or how far away you are from the console. Anyway, the tips below might help you to fix PS5 hum or coil issue in 2022.

First I'll start with the simplest and quickest solutions. At the end I will also show you a technical way to fix the problem that requires you to open your console.

That said, let's dive right in!

How to fix Coil Whine hum on PS5

To fix PS5 hum problem, switch PS5 console to resolution mode, limit FPS, place console in well-ventilated place to avoid overheating complications, enable V-Sync, G-Sync or Free- Sync on your TV or game monitor and place the console horizontally with the stand.

Below are 8 ways to fix PS5 to fix PS5 coil noise humming explained step by step with screenshots:

1. Use resolution mode

You may have noticed that it gets really noisy with resource-intensive games running at high FPS. Because the higher the FPS, the louder the buzz, as it puts a much heavier load on your console.

When switching to resolution mode (which disables performance mode), the setting favors visual fidelity over performance. This doesn't mean the performance is too high, it just ensures the game is played at a lower performance level. For example, a game like Call of Duty: Vanguard that can be played at 120 FPS will be played at 60 FPS.

Since higher performance correlates with louder noise, toggling the console into resolution mode can make the PS5's noise all but non-existent (or at least reduce it to negligible spin or noise). ).

  • Go to'The Definition'on the home screen and select"Saved data and game/app settings"

PS5 Buzzing Noise / Coil Whine in 2022 (QUICK FIX!) - TechProfet (3)

  • Go toGame Preferences > Performance Mode or Resolution Mode, and switch to'resolution mode'

PS5 Buzzing Noise / Coil Whine in 2022 (QUICK FIX!) - TechProfet (4)

Once selected, PS5 hum should decrease when playing games on your console.

2. Reduce output video resolution and limit FPS

Aside from FPS, another thing that has been proven to cause loud noise on PS5 is the resolution of the video output. Simply put, 8k resolution will cause a buzz that is louder than 4k, 4k louder than 2k (1440p), 2k louder than 1080p, and 720p at the lowest volume.

The higher the resolution, the more work the CPU/GPU has to do and the more hum there is.

Even if your TV supports high resolution, reducing the output resolution used can help fix the PS5 hum problem (which stems from coil hum).

That's how it's done:

  • Go to Settings > Display & video

PS5 Buzzing Noise / Coil Whine in 2022 (QUICK FIX!) - TechProfet (5)

  • Choose Video Output > Resolution

PS5 Buzzing Noise / Coil Whine in 2022 (QUICK FIX!) - TechProfet (6)

  • Now switch to a lower resolution

PS5 Buzzing Noise / Coil Whine in 2022 (QUICK FIX!) - TechProfet (7)

The lower the resolution, the less the PS5 will buzz. Now it's a matter of finding the balance between how low you're willing to drop the resolution while still considering visual fidelity during gameplay.

Also, you can set the FPS limit to 60 FPS in the game menu when playing games that are supported at 120 FPS.

3. Place the console in a well-ventilated place

Overheating is another thing that has increased the PS5's hum problem, making it very loud and unbearable. The reason for this is that when the console overheats, the fan starts to work too hard.

Below are some placement tips to reduce PS5 overheating and hum:

  • Make sure the vents on the sides and back of the console are not blocked. If you notice that dust has built up in and around the air vents, turn off the console, unplug the power cord, and use a low-power vacuum to remove the dust.
  • Make sure there is adequate space around the console for ventilation.Sony recommendsthat you have at least 10 cm free space on each side of the console. In other words, don't put it in a tight space.
  • Also, do not place the console on long-fiber carpets or rugs.

Finally, if you think your console is already overheating, turn it off and let it cool down before turning it back on.

4. Change the position of the console

The fact is, it doesn't matter if your console is positioned horizontally or vertically, users have experimented with both placements.

However, several users also reported that the hum was much louder when placed vertically. That's because the PSU (where the hum comes from) has more contact with the surface the console is resting on when placed vertically. This allows the vibration to be amplified in this way, creating a louder hum.

PS5 Buzzing Noise / Coil Whine in 2022 (QUICK FIX!) - TechProfet (8)

You can see the Power Supply Unit (PSU) highlighted in red in the image above and it is just below the dash the arrow is pointing to.

So if your console is placed vertically, place it horizontally and see if the hum decreases or not.

In addition, using the console with the stand can also make the hum less pronounced.

PS5 Buzzing Noise / Coil Whine in 2022 (QUICK FIX!) - TechProfet (9)

The video below shows how to set up your console using the stand.

5. Habilite V-Sync, G-Sync oder Free-Sync

Many Smart TVs come with features like V-Sync, G-Sync (on someLG TV) und Free Sync (in supportSamsung TV) on them.

These features sync the frame rate of a game to the refresh rate of a gaming monitor. This helps prevent screen tearing by capping FPS when needed. In return, the performance is reduced and the hum is also reduced.

For example, if you have a 60Hz gaming monitor or TV, the max FPS is capped at 60. The downside, however, is that these features can also increase tendencyInput lag on your PS5(Not always the case, especially if you have a good quality monitor or TV, so give it a try).

Depending on the model and brand of your TV or gaming monitor, you may be able to find this in the settings if it's supported.

6. Adjust the side panels

If your PS5 is making an odd noise, adjusting the console's side panels may help resolve the issue. This is because the sidewalls can actually cause the hum to be louder than the normal coil noise you should be hearing.

There's not much to say here, so here's what you need to do.

Press the two side panels of the PlayStation 5 console and try to feel if the hum volume of the coil hum decreases. If so, release it and see if the noise comes back. In this case, you need to adjust the side panels to reduce noise.

Some users reported that the side panels could be adjusted simply by pressing on them. The noise increased again when they stopped pressing on the side panels and it was eventually fixed after several attempts. This can also fix disc noise, especially on PS5 console disc edition.

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7. Open the console

This is a technical process and if your console is still under warranty I advise you not to open the console as you could easily void the warranty or worse damage your console if you don't. Right.

However, if you are not guaranteed and want to give it a try, here are two things to keep in mind:

  • Inspect and remove any obstructions around or in the console vent
  • Locate the capacitor that is causing the hum and replace it with a capacitor of a similar rating.

The video below will walk you through the entire process:

8. Contact Sony for repair or replacement

If your PS5 console is still under warranty, you can request free troubleshooting. You can even get a replacement that comes with less-noisy fan and power supply variants. However, if you're unlucky, you might even get a replacement with a louder buzz.

It may take a few weeks to get it back, but it's the most reliable way to repair or replace your console.

On the other hand, if you bought the day-of-release edition or later and the warranty has just expired, you can still contact Sony to see if there's anything they can do about it.

However, you also need to know that coil noise is not covered under warranty as it is inherent in all electronic equipment and is not a "glitch" in the technical sense.

However, in order to obtain a warranty repair, you must obtain a return authorization and shipping instructions. To get it, call 1-800-345-7669.

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Before I finish, there is one more issue I need to address.

Can Coil Whine disappear by itself on PS5?

Yes, it's possible for the PS5's coil to darken over time, or maybe even disappear altogether. Noise can change over time as you use the console, meaning that loud hum you hear may eventually go away.

Unfortunately, the reverse is also possible. That said, it can continue to happen without diminishing in intensity, and maybe even get worse.

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Coil whirr is a common thing in electronics, including gaming consoles or high-end PCs. On the PlayStation 5 console, the coil can range from a whirring/whirling noise when the console is idle (on the home screen or menu) to a very loud whirring noise when playing or updating games.

Hum is not a sign of a fault with your console, and coil hum will not damage your console in any way. So if you can ignore it, just ignore it. However, if it's loud enough to bother you, you need to find a way to reduce the tinnitus.

There are several ways to fix the problem, or at least reduce the noise to a level where it becomes really insignificant. Some of these methods, which are explained in detail in this guide, are highlighted below.

  • Use resolution mode (i.e. disable performance mode)
  • Lower output video resolution and FPS
  • Place the console in a well-ventilated place to avoid complications from overheating.
  • Place the console horizontally with the stand to reduce PS5 hum
  • Adjust the side walls
  • Remove obstructions in or around the console fan and replace the capacitors causing the loud hum
  • Use V-sync, G-sync or Free-sync for TV or monitor
  • Contact Sony for replacement or correction
  • Consider waiting and seeing if the coil hum stops.

Let me know which of these tips worked for you in the comments section. If you have any other suggestions or feedback, you can also use the comments section below.

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How do I get rid of coil whine on PS5? ›

PS5 coil whine fix (2021)
  1. Ensure that the PS5 is in a well-ventilated area.
  2. If the problem persists, open up the console and remove any fan obstructions.
  3. Alternatively, contact PlayStation Support for official repairs.
Jun 28, 2021

How long is PS5 warranty? ›

Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC ("SIE") warrants to the original purchaser ("you") that the PS5 hardware, which includes components contained in the retail box with this hardware ("Product"), will be free from material defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the original date of purchase ( ...

Are PS5 supposed to make noise? ›

To help the system cool down, PS5 is designed with a fan. PS5 will make some sound while the fan is running. It is common and normal, actually. According to Sony, PS5 can run more quietly than PS4 because the cooling and power delivery systems are changed.

Is coil whine harmless? ›

Coil whine is in no way harmful for your card, and does not affect performance or longevity. Coil whine is simply the vibration of the coil in an inductor as the power passes through it. On a high end graphics card, ten or more large inductors would help provide power to critical components on the card.

Is coil whine harmful to PS5? ›

I know that Coil Whine is pretty normal/common and it doesn't effect the performance at all. I heard that's even a „good“ sign, because you can clearly hear, that your system is working proberly. Like when you hear the engine in a car. The Coil Whine is even present on some high end Gaming Laptops and Graphic Cards.

Is it OK to have coil whine? ›

Even though it might sound like there is some kind of problem with your computer, coil whine is not harmful or dangerous. While it is an annoying and unpleasant thing to deal with, there is no risk of any damage to your PC. As a matter of fact, coil whine is an indicator that the inductors are working properly.

Does taking PS5 panels off void warranty? ›

Does the PS5's warranty end if the front panel is removed? Removing and painting the panels will not void the warranty if the console's serial number and seal are still legible and unbroken.

How do I send my PS5 to Sony for repair? ›

Please call our Product Operation Support Center at 800-883-6817 or email our support team at

Does removing PS5 panels void warranty? ›

Sony has stated that installing new PS5 faceplates, or replacing damaged ones, will not void the warranty.

Should my PS5 be horizontal or vertical? ›

Again, the PS5 is designed to support both vertical and horizontal positions. Having said that, those that are especially worried about their console's long-term health may choose to position the PS5 horizontally in order to minimize known and suspected risks.

How often should I clean my PS5? ›

How often should u clean a PS5? With this model, as well as any other future brands from Sony, wiping your unit down once a week, and cleaning the fan and dust vents every few weeks, is more than enough. If you live in a dry, arid climate, this should be done a bit more often since dust can accumulate much quicker.

Is coil whine covered by warranty? ›

A: Most manufacturers will not replace a component under warranty for coil whine alone.

How do you ignore coil whine? ›

The sound identified is coil whining, which is a sound that happens when vibration of the coil happens in the inductor.
Some recommendations include:
  1. Capping the FPS to the refresh rate of the monitor or lower.
  2. Enabling V-Sync.
  3. Double checking the power supply efficacy.
  4. Reduce GPU throttling/overclocking.

Why do coils whine at high FPS? ›

Coil whine is the result of high current flowing through wires on your GPU. The higher the FPS, the harder the GPU needs to work, more current flows through the wires, and the coil whine is louder.

Does coil whine affect performance? ›

The sound identified is coil whining, which is a sound that happens when vibration of the coil happens in the inductor. This usually happens when the graphics card is running a workload at a high frame rate. Even if you can hear the noise, this should not damage the card or affect functionality.

Why is my coil whine so loud? ›

Coil whine generally exists when a system is NOT under load. Creating a load just makes it louder. The proper solution is to seal the coil so that the vibrations being generated can not produce sound, or produce much less sound.

How do you fix a whine noise on a coil? ›

One way to eliminate coil whine is to dampen it. Dampening the noise traps it within the machine. Look into the options of your specific device to see what cases or blocks you might be able to add to dampen the coil whine.


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