On3 single turbo system (2023)

In 3 Single Turbo System for 2014-2018 GMC Sierra, 2014-2018 Chevy Silverado includes:
• Complete hotside, crossover, SS CAST Gen2 tubular turbo manifold and downpipes, 304ss
• All cold side, 3″ 6061 polished aluminum, fully laminated
• On3 76/65mm 360 degree boost turbocharger
• On3 44 mm Wastegate with V-Band (Preto)
• On3 50mm Blower Valve (Black)
• On3 3.5″ núcleo v.1 Ladeluftkühler ar para ar
•On3 Couplings and T-Bolt Clamps (Black)
• V SS Band Clamps
• Sub-abdominal strap clamp for Turbo Rear Tube
• Complete oil supply/drain kit
• Custom CNC Billet Turbo Oil Feed Board with 3 Ports
• On3 billet coolant overflow tank
• CNC On3 machined coolant filler neck with cap
• How-to CD for installation questions

(Video) S550 Mustang On3 Single Turbo Installation / Bumper Exit Exhaust

On 3 Performance is proud to announce the 2014+ Chevy/GMC 1500(1500 only)Single turbo system of 5.3 and 6.2 l. This is the last upgrade to your truck that most mechanically inclined people can complete in a weekend. This is a true bolt-on system that has the potential to increase your truck's performance by ~250rpm and more. The On 3 Turbo system is a bolt-on design that has a very clean and easy installation. This is a perfect system for anyone looking for extra power to tow a trailer or RV and need that extra boost. During the test, they hooked up the truck to a car trailer to get some real test data. You couldn't believe how well the truck pulled, day and night difference, all the torque you need. Those who like street driving and drag racing are also covered with this system. That's the great thing about turbo systems, they're so versatile. Once the turbo system is installed and configured, drivability is unaffected. It gets even better as the turbo is very responsive and the On3 70mm can charge quickly. In light throttle situations, such as pulling onto the freeway, with the best throttle response, don't press the accelerator as hard. This is also due to the new-found power your truck will produce even in the mid-range.

Hot side design:
On 3 started with their already proven platform and leveraged the factory manifold at Riverside (pipe upgrades available). From there they made a crossover that brings the exhaust to the custom cast stainless steel turbo manifold. This will clean your 4×4 transfer case (Z71) and driveshaft. The 2014+ truck systems come with the latest gen stainless steel header pipe standard. 2 for all turbo systems. This is an extremely durable design using approximately twice the material thickness of your traditional hand built turbo heads. This ensures durability and withstands the constant heat cycles the truck is subjected to. Each of the kits comes standard with the On 3 Performance 70mm full-bearing turbocharger, and options are available from 70mm all the way up to the latest 84mm. Also, they stock many CNC billet wheel upgrades if you're looking for the highest quality wheels with the most aggressive profile they offer. This results in a faster winding turbo, a lighter and longer tip, and a stronger overall product.

The turbo manifold is unlike any other currently available on the market. It is fully split from seat to seat and does not merge one seat with the back of the other like most other truck designs. This is very important when it comes to truck tuning as you will be closely monitoring each bank. This makes for a really cool and functional design. They started with the original 99-06 single turbo truck kits 3-4 years ago. Because the truck's engine bay was so open, they had plenty of room to work for the wastegate priority. They position it directly on the t4 flange to keep good control over the thrust. Using the 44mm V-On 3-band wastegate on the 5.3 test truck prototype, they were able to keep it stable at 6psi. Of course it will hold onto higher boost levels, but as you know the wastegate allows more air volume to flow at lower boost levels, so this is the real test.

(Video) ON3 SINGLE TURBO S550 PULLS | 2019 Mustang GT Update

To expel all exhaust fumes from the turbo, they constructed an offset 3.0″ to 3.5″ 304 stainless steel down tube. From there they also include an adapter to connect to the factory exhaust port if required.

Monitoring:During testing, the factory catback was EXTREMELY restrictive and a high flow catback system is almost required, or an open tailpipe. Without delving into the actuation versus boost data, it's a lot easier to just upgrade if you plan on going much more than 5-6 psi.

Cold side design:
The complete cool side of the turbo system is 3.0" 304 aluminum tubing to aid in heat dissipation, keeping the IAT as cool as possible and reducing weight. All cold side piping is coiled to keep the couplings tight on thrust. This will prevent the connections from bursting the couplings. To take it a step further, we've included stainless steel T-bolt clamps that offer more holding power than traditional snail clamps. All On 3 Performance custom silicone couplers are 5-ply and come standard with every turbo system. The intercooler is a fully custom design using the core of On 3's proven air-to-air intercooler. As the factory grille limits the available space to work, they have designed 2 different intercoolers. The standard 3.5-inch core is included with every turbo system and supports around 600 rpm before the upgrade is required. The On3 Race Core is about 80% larger in volume and fills the entire grid, but will require some trimming when upgrading. Do you have to do 600+ to upgrade? NO! In 3 races you race Core in your workshop truck to keep IATs to a minimum and cooler air means more horsepower.

(Video) 11-14 Mustang S197 5.0 On3 Single Turbo Kit Install

Turbocharger and inlet/outlet design:
This system, like all other On 3 Performance truck systems, comes standard with our 70mm On 3 Performance bearing-type turbocharger. They have several upgrade turbos that you can use and the most common upgrade is the 76mm On-3 (76mm compressor wheel recommended for 5.3, 76/75 recommended for 6.0L+). This is running on the On 3 Shop truck during the test. Its swing is fast and also gives you more room to climb. The factory On 3 Performance 70mm is suitable for 450-500 rpm applications. If you want more power, consider our larger upgrade units listed in the Optional Items section.

We designed an optional oil drain system that drains the turbo and pumps it back through the oil filler cap. What makes it special? In all turbo applications, the turbocharger must drain the oil back into the crankcase by gravity. Many of you work on "like new" trucks and may not want to drill into the crankcase. The solution is the optional turbo oil drain system with electric oil pump. With the On 3 system, it is drained by gravity into the oil pump, and the pump allows the oil to flow back into the oil filler cap. We have a custom CNC machined billet oil filler cap that allows for a very clean, factory-like installation. This option can be selected from the list of optional items for $235. This is NOT required but some may wish to go this route to avoid drilling through the oil pan for the oil drain.

Questions about supply:Please read, we're getting a lot of messages about what needs to be updated to support Power Delivery. YES!!! The stock fuel pump of the typical 91 or 93 octane fuel pump is enough to handle 500-550 RPM without the need for an upgrade. If you plan to run the e85 or exceed these horsepower numbers, you may need fuel system upgrades. At 3, the charge tube is configured correctly to allow the use of the factory mass air flow sensor and have an adequate range for at least 12-15 psi without filling up. This allows for a very easy and quick upgrade that can generate over 500hp when installed in your home!

(Video) On3 Turbo Kit Install for 86-93 Mustangs

Matching questions:Tuning via HP Tuners w-ProLink, Boost Gauge and Wideband Air Fuel Gauge is highly recommended. We can help put you in touch with one of our preferred tuners (Tyler at Czipar Performance) who can help dial your truck through the remote tuning process. They usually charge $600 for this tuning process and may offer additional upgrades like TCM unlocking etc. . Check the options above.

Turbo Questions:Please read on, we get endless messages about which turbos to use on which engine. On a 5.3L bone stick for 600hp, the standard 76/65mm works well. If you have a stick or want to wind up faster, a 76/65 ceramic ball bearing would be a suitable choice.

(Video) Which Single turbo Kit is the best for your 335i?!/CHANGED MY KIT AGAIN! (ON3, SPEEDTECH, DOCRACE)

On a 5.7 or 6.0 liter you should start with a daily 78/75. This could make over 700 wheels for $199 (with appropriate engine mods). As a tow truck, you want the 76/75 ceramic ball bearing for an additional $795. The 7675 BMF is a great turbo for those looking for maximum performance.

The 88mm is a 1000hp turbo, but you will need to make modifications to make it work in any of these kits. It has a proprietary downtube flange for making a downtube. The inlet and outlet plate kit is also different. Call if you have questions.

The Vacuum Inlet Fitting: Easy access to the vacuum/boost source you need for your relief valve, BOV, gauges, etc. It is highly recommended!


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