Noise when spinning ❤️ Causes, Solutions and FAQ ❤️ (2023)

As a car ages and wears out, new noises can emerge. A click when making a turn is one of the most common sounds motorists hear, and it can be caused by a variety of different things. Any sound or noise other than the familiar hum of the engine is not good news for car owners. The question is, how bad is that popping noise and what does it mean?

Car repairs are expensive

The clicking sound when turning the steering wheel appears to be coming from the steering wheel, but it's actually coming from the steering system. It is probably at the root of all yaw problems as it controls the movement of the wheels to make the car turn on the road. Since the steering system is complex, it takes an expert like a professional mechanic to identify the problematic part that is responsible for the click noise when turning.

What causes a clicking sound when rotating?

Hearing a popping noise from the wheels can be worrying. Here are some common reasons for that popping sound when turning:

Noise when spinning ❤️ Causes, Solutions and FAQ ❤️ (2)

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broken CV joint

The most common cause of a wheel click is a damaged constant velocity joint. The homokinetic joints or constant velocity joints basically serve as the steering system of the automobile. The joints are located at the end of the front axle and give the axle the flexibility it needs to drive the wheels and suspension. When aconstant velocity jointIt breaks, the flex of the axle also decreases, grease spreads everywhere behind the wheels, and the constant velocity joint makes a constant clicking sound with every rotation of the wheels. If you drive a front-wheel drive vehicle, you may hear a front click sound when turning. Prompt repair can help save your vehicle.

worn bracket

Another common reason cars make a popping noise when turning is that a tie rod is about to break. This can be dangerous if you don't check what's causing the problem and do something about it immediately. While holding the steering wheel at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions, lift the corner of the car and push and pull. If you hear a clicking sound, the problem is definitely with the docking bar.

faulty aspirations

IsstrivingThey are an important part of the suspension system. The struts act as shock absorbers with coil springs, helping the suspension absorb the impact of the road against potholes, bumps and bumps so that the structure and cabin of the car do not. The struts depend on a cylinder containing liquid or gas and a piston. The liquid or gas offers resistance to the piston and absorbs a significant amount of shock from the road. There is also a coil spring that helps with shock absorption. If the struts are defective or stuck, the suspension will not be able to absorb most of the shock from the road. Not only does this cause damage to your vehicle, but it can also cause a clicking noise from the wheels.

loose hubcaps

A clicking noise when turning can also be caused by loose hubcaps. The steering system nuts have a plastic or metal cover called a hubcap. When the lug nuts are loose, the hubcaps constantly wobble and flap, making a popping noise. You will often hear the noises from the cabin of the car. But the noises are not only present when turning, but also when driving, especially when accelerating the vehicle.

Loose drive belt or drive belt tensioner

The drive belt connects the air conditioning, alternator and power steering to the crankshaft and provides power to these parts. Drive belt tensioners keep the drive belt taut so it runs efficiently. If one becomes loose, the drive belt will hit the vehicle and make a loud clicking noise, like it's coming from the wheels.

Incorrect tire pressure

Another reason for popping noises when turning is when your tires are under-inflated. It makes the wheels click when you turn left or right while driving. Irregularly shaped or inflated tires make unusual noises when driving. The good news is that repairing this particular problem is cheap and easy. You just need to make sure that all tires are of similar specification and design, and that the air pressure in the tires is correct and similar. You should also replace your tires if they develop lumps or irregular wear.

What does a bad constant velocity joint sound like?

In addition to popping noises, a bad CV joint can also make a loud clicking noise when turning. One of the most typical and recognizable signs of a bad or faulty CV axle shaft assembly is an audible clicking sound when turning. Heavily worn CV axles will also cause the joints to loosen and click when turning.

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What to do if there is a popping sound when turning the car?

Corrective action is required to correct the popping sound when turning the vehicle. You should take it to a professional mechanic in your area to get the right diagnosis and know what's going on with your car that is causing the popping noise. This way the mechanic will properly fix the problem.

Once the clicking noise has been identified from which side, the CV joint closest to the wheel will likely need service. This usually involves replacing the entire drive shaft, which came with new seals on both ends. The bad joint can also be found by examining the CV joint cuff on each side.Resume bootsThey are designed to keep the fat in the joint and ensure that contaminants cannot enter and cause damage. They should be checked at every oil change and replaced immediately if cracked, broken or missing. If the problem is fixed immediately, only the boot needs to be replaced, which is less expensive than replacing the entire axle. It is the same as other auto parts related to the strange sound when turning the vehicle. Make sure you do the following: Inspect the vehicle, determine the problem, find the cause and fix it.

What happens when your car is inspected?

You can go to an auto repair shop or have a mechanic come to your home or office, whichever is more convenient for you, to properly identify the cause of the clicking or clicking in the wheels. The mechanic then explains what is happening, what the range is and how much the necessary repairs would cost.

This is how your car is checked

A mechanic will likely inspect the wheels and tires first. This is to ensure that there is no easy solution to the popping noise you are hearing. Next, the mechanic will examine the suspension and steering linkage as that is likely the culprit of the problem. If there is a problem with CV joints, struts, or any other suspension or steering component, they will need to be replaced.

Frequently asked questions when you hear a clicking sound when turning

How urgent is the service you need when you hear a popping noise while turning your car?

If a car makes a clicking or popping noise when turning, it can be a symptom of a serious problem. Driving a car with broken CV joints or struts can lead to more serious and costly damage and unsafe driving. For this reason, if you notice any unusual noises coming from your car, you should have your car checked immediately.

How much does it cost to replace a constant velocity joint? It is expensive?

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Unfortunately, yes, a constant velocity joint is expensive to replace. The part alone, which is a CV joint, can range from $95 to $210. For labor, a mechanic can charge anywhere from $165 to $800 depending on whether the replacement is single or dual axle.

What is causing the clicking noise coming from my steering wheel?

The possible cause of a clicking noise coming from behind the steering wheel, which only occurs when turning, is a defective clock spring. The clockspring is an electrical connection that allows the buttons on the steering wheel (such as the horn or cruise control) to function without having to directly connect wires that could become twisted when the steering wheel is turned. It's a small spring on the wheel side that makes contact with an electric hub on the steering column side. If the spring breaks, there will be a clicking sound as the wheel turns.

Need to replace a loose hubcap? Can I replace it myself?

Yes, you have to replace it, and yes, you can replace a hubcap yourself. A hubcap that matches other hubcaps on your vehicle may be available online, at a tire shop that stocks hubcaps, or at the dealership where you bought your car. Follow these steps to replace a hubcap:

  1. Set the parking brake and park your car on a flat, level surface.
  2. Turn a lug nut counterclockwise with a lug wrench to loosen it.
  3. Remove 3 of the hubcap nuts leaving 2 nuts on opposite sides of the tire, remove the plastic washers from the nuts.
  4. Reinstall the 3 nuts, tighten slightly and unscrew the other 2 nuts to remove the hubcap.
  5. Put your new hubcap on the studs and replace the 2 nuts.
  6. Remove the first 3 nuts, replace the washers and screw on.
  7. Pry the nuts to ensure a tight fit.

What is the cause of the friction noise of the steering when turning?

There are two possible reasons for this. The first and most likely cause is a problem with the steering column upper bearing. The second possible reason is when the cover on the back of the steering wheel starts rubbing against the steering covers, which is more likely to happen in the summer months when the weather is warmer as some parts of the car can expand due to the heat.

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What happens if a ball joint breaks while driving?

When a ball joint wears out, it can seriously affect your car's steering and suspension. A broken ball joint can be the cause of clanking or drifting direction. If it fails completely, it can even cause the wheel to fall off the vehicle dramatically. So as soon as you notice unusual noises while driving, it's better to have it checked as soon as possible before something more serious happens.

What is the reason for the ticking noise in my car?

The steering wheel or the steering are usually not the problem when it comes to ticking in the car. Ticking noise is most likely engine related as there are various moving parts that can make the engine tick.

Learn more about common car noises and their causesHere.


There are six common causes of a popping noise when turning the car. Possible causes: a damaged constant velocity joint, worn tie rods, defective struts, loose hubcaps, loose drive belts or drive belt tensioners, and improperly inflated tires. A professional is usually required to determine the cause of popping noises. When you first notice these noises, it is best to take your car to a mechanic so they can diagnose the problem and offer the appropriate solution. The cost of the repair will depend on what the problem is, so it could be a cheap fix or a much more expensive fix e.g. B. if the problem is with the constant velocity joint.


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