How to fix a washing machine that makes a lot of noise when spinning [SOLVED] (2023)

TuWashing machine makes a lot of noise when spinning? Then you are exactly right with us. Here we have provided some quick DIY solutions that you can apply now to fix the problem. The washing machine makes a lot of noise during the wash cycle, mainly because some parts are loose or worn and cannot work properly.

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This problem can be caused by any broken part in the washing machine. If you notice that you hear a loud noise every time you start the spin cycle, then the most likely reason is that the tub's main bearing has become worn or has become loose. To fix this, you can also refer to your washing machine technical manual for troubleshooting.

Solution No. Problem #1 - Check the main pan bearing

When you start the spin cycle, the washing machine runs on a bearing that helps the tub move freely with almost no resistance. Over time the bearing wears out which creates more friction and you will hear a loud noise every timewashing machineit starts spinning. It will only get stronger over time and you need to act fast to solve it.

How to fix a washing machine that makes a lot of noise when spinning [SOLVED] (1)

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As we all know, a bearing washer is a circular metal object containing many small metal balls. There's going to be a rail and all these little metal balls are going to sit on it and they're going to move in such a way that the friction decreases every time the washing machine is moved. So when the pan bearing wears out, these little metal balls can't stay on the same track and fall off making a loud noise. If you have a front-loading washing machine, you can perform a simple test by opening the door and rotating the drum by hand. If you see the drums turning unevenly and hear a kind of grinding noise, you can be sure that the pan bearing is worn and needs to be replaced.

The pan bearing may also have no lubrication. If the noise is like a squeaking noise, it could mean the pan bearing needs proper lubrication with mechanical grease. If you hear a squeaking noise, it means the bathtub bear needs to be replaced with a new one.

Replacing the pan bearing is a very difficult operation and we recommend that you only have it done by a professional. If you are not experienced in washing machine repairs, do not replace the bearing yourself. This must be done quickly as worn bearings can further damage your washing machine and in this case the tub may also need to be replaced.

Solution #2: Bad drive pulley

The washing machine makes a lot of noise when spinning The problem can also be caused bydefective drive pulley. The main function of the drive pulley is to help the belt run, which in turn rotates the washer drum.

How to fix a washing machine that makes a lot of noise when spinning [SOLVED] (2)

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Most drive pulleys are made of metal or plastic. Over time, it can wear out or simply become loose and no longer function properly. To fix this problem and check if the drive pulley is bad, you need to take the washer apart and then see if you can see any signs of damage to the drive pulley. If you see any damage, replace it with a new one.

Solution No. Problem #3: The motor coupler is damaged

Another reason why your washing machine makes a lot of noise is that the washing machine is broken or damaged.engine clutch. The main function of the motor clutch is to connect the motor to the gearbox of the washing machine.

It is usually made of plastic and can break under load if the washing machine is overloaded. This is a safety mechanism that helps protect the engine and transmission from damage. When the engine clutch is worn or damaged, the drive fork will slip and cause an impact if they collide while rotating the washer. It can be easily replaced and is done quickly.

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Solution # Problem #4 – The clutch assembly is worn

How to fix a washing machine that makes a lot of noise when spinning [SOLVED] (3)

The clutch is a part used to connect the drive shaft to the impeller of the washing drum when the washing machine is in the spin cycle. The clutch helps the washing machine gradually reach the optimum spin speed, just like our vehicle. Over time, the clutch can wear out due to friction.

A bad or worn clutch will make a grating noise and also increase the spin cycle. If you see brake dust under the washer, this also indicates that the clutch is faulty. You have to swap the clutch for a new one.

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Fix #5: Bad pump belt

Many top loading washing machines have a pump belt that helps connect the pulley to the motor. Over time, this belt can wear out or break or tear due to overload. This causes squeaks or loud noises every time the washing machine spins. If you notice major damage to the strap or smell burnt leather, you should replace the strap with a new one. It is very easy and you can also order it online very cheaply. I hope it solves the problem that the washing machine makes a lot of noise while spinning.

Fix #6: Faulty drain pump

The main function of the drain pump is to drain the water when the washing machine is in spin mode. Sometimes it can get clogged or damaged.

If you notice that the loud noise you hear only occurs at certain intervals during the washing machine's spin cycle, the problem could be with the drain pump. You can fix this by removing the drain pump and then cleaning it and removing any dust or debris trapped in it. It will help clear clogs and hopefully this will help reduce noise as well.

Fix #7: Bad Transmission

The next part is to verify that thetransmission. If the transmission is faulty, the washing machine will make a loud noise during spinning. Usually the gearbox repair is very expensive so we advise you to buy a new washer in this case.

Solution No. Problem #8: Shock absorbers not working properly

Many front-loading washing machines have dampers. The main function of the shock absorbers is to keep the tub centered so it doesn't drift off and hit the washing machine during the spin cycle.

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Shock absorbers often break or become weak over time or due to overloading. When this happens the tub does not stay in the center and therefore slams the outer part and you get the problem The washing machine makes a lot of noise when spinning. If you see that the shock absorbers aredrippingliquid or you can see it is broken then you need to replace it to fix the problem.

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Fix #8: Bad springs

How to fix a washing machine that makes a lot of noise when spinning [SOLVED] (4)

Many top loading washing machines have dampening springs/belts. Its main function is to keep the bathtub centered. Sometimes the spring or strap can fall off or weaken over time. In this case, you will notice that the washing machine makes a loud noise during the wash cycle. You need to replace the damping spring or bands with a new one.

Solution # Problem #9: The directional gears on the agitator are worn

The main function ofAgitator straightening gearis intended to support the operation of the top of double-acting agitators. They only support the top of the washing machine agitator in one direction, but allow the bottom to rotate in multiple directions. They come into action when the agitator rotates in the opposite direction. Then the top of the ratchet shaker only moves in one direction.

These are plastic and will wear out over time. The worn gears will start to slip and start creating a kind of squeaky nose. You may also notice that the top of the shaker does not move smoothly. We recommend removing the top and seeing if you can see any damage. Replace if necessary.

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The solution above could work with Amana, Asko, Beko, Bosch, Daewoo, Fisher & Paykel, Frigidaire, GE, Haier, Hotpoint, Kenmore, LG, Maytag, Samsung, Whirlpool and many more.

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