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What are the best companies for double glazed windows? Double Glazing Prices, Savings and Finance What are double glazed windows and how do they work? How much do double glazed windows cost? The listing process explained How to get the most out of a double glazing budget How to find the best local double glazing installer 1. Experience 2. customer rating 3. Work portfolio 4. FENSA registration 5. Security 6. Guarantee 7. Price-performance ratio Explanation of the energy efficiency levels What are the advantages of double glazing? Reduced heating costs Increased security noise reduction Increase in real estate value reduced condensation Minimize internal damage Environmentally friendly What are the disadvantages of double-glazed windows? difficult to repair Sun gain in summer Not suitable for all objects. Various types of double glazed window frame materials. What types of double glazing are there? different types of glass Low-E-Glas acoustic glass safety glass solar control glass self-cleaning glass decorative glass What is the installation process for double glazed windows? Best double glazing installers in the UK 2023 Comparison of companies for double glazed windows Anglian Home Improvements - Best overall company for double glazed windows Cost our recommendation Everest: the best guarantee Cost our recommendation Safestyle: more sustainable ​Cost our recommendation Britelite Windows: the most profitable Cost our recommendation Britannia Windows: The best payment options Cost our recommendation What are your rights when buying double glazed windows? What should be included in my contract? What rights of cancellation do I have? What if there are problems after my installation? Is there an ombudsman for double glazed windows? Other Consumer Rights Complain Are there subsidies for double glazing? Obligation of the energy company Los Angeles-Flex Green Deal loan program Diploma Frequently asked questions about double glazed windows methodology Videos References

Our handy guide examines the best double glazing companies in the UK and the costs and benefits of installing double glazing in your home.

What are the best companies for double glazed windows?

  • Anglian Home Improvements - Best overall
  • Everest: the best guarantee
  • Safestyle: more sustainable
  • Britelite: Profitabler
  • Britannia: The best payment options

Double glazed windowsmaySave up to £235on your energy bills per year. New double glazing can also be installedincrease the value of your propertyover £7,000 or up to 3 per cent appreciation. Replacement windows offer other benefits such as noise reduction and additional security for your home.

During the initialdouble glazing costson average it is over 3,500 € for a house with 10 windows, in the long term the investment pays off for homeowners. The exact price you pay for your new windows depends on the style and type you want installed.

Choosing which company to trust can seem like a daunting task. Our team of experts have spent hundreds of hours analyzing the products and services of the best double glazing installers in the UK.We read over 3,000 third-party customer reviews to help us identify the top five companies in the industry. If you're looking to update your windows, this guide is the best place to start.

Double Glazing Prices, Savings and Finance

In this video we explain the savings and benefits of double glazing, how you can get financial help to pay for it and we give you advice on what to do if you need to repair or replace your windows.

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What are double glazed windows and how do they work?

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Double-glazed windows consist of two panes of glass with a gas-filled bag between them. (Image credit: Adobe)

Double glazed windows consist of two spaced panes of glass in a sealed unit and are designed not only to look good and remain relatively maintenance free, but also to prevent heat from escaping around your home. They are sometimes referred to as insulating glass units or IGUs.

The panels are typically made of laminated or toughened glass for strength, while the space between them is filled with air or more generally with argon gas. Argon is known for its insulating properties, it is non-toxic, odorless and transparent, and when air is drawn out of the 14-16mm gap, argon is pumped in to create a vacuum.

This vacuum slows the transfer of heat between the two temperature zones, reducing heat loss from the inside and preventing cold outside air from entering. Although the outer panel feels cooler to the touch, the argon gas does not conduct cold to the inner panel. It also holds back the warmer room air, prevents it from escaping to the outside and forms an insulating layer.

While double glazing prevents heat from escaping your home, it lets the heat of the sun through. Shortwave infrared radiation from the sun can pass through the glass panes into the room behind, but once inside, the sun's energy is reflected back as farwave infrared. Since the long waves cannot pass through glass, they are trapped and heat up the room. This passive heat is known as solar gain, and the process is called the greenhouse effect.

How much do double glazed windows cost?

The cost of double glazing will vary depending on the number of windows you need, the company you choose and the style of the window.PVC windowsIt is generally the cheapest option, followed by aluminum, with wood being the most expensive.

The table below shows average costs using the unit price of the cheapest and most expensive window installers. It's worth noting that the average UK home has 10 windows, so take that into account when choosing the one that's right for you and your budget.

number of windowsCheaper installers (price per window)The most expensive installers (price per window)

The cost of both double glazing and installation varies significantly depending on the material and style you choose, the size you want and the company you choose to install your windows.

Our research compares prices for a double glazed window unit measuring approximately 60cm x 90cm for different materials, with the top price referring to the highest rating the company offers.

MaterialangloEverestsafe styleglitteredGreat Britain
uPVC£250 - £570 (rated A++)£350 - £570 (Rating A+)£250 - £570 (Class A)£160-£450 (rated A++)£250–£500
Madera£845–£910£ 845– £ 1.250Not availableNot availableNot available
disguise£575–£625£575–£625Not available£475–£625£475–£625
Aluminium£500–£605£500–£605Not available£500–£605£500–£605

The listing process explained

A quick way to request quotes for multiple double glazing so you can compare them is to fill out ourform simple.

  1. You'll be asked for a few details, including the number of windows you need to install and your contact information.
  2. Depending on your location, our trusted partners will respond to your inquiry with a phone call or email to discuss your project further and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.
  3. If you choose one of these offerings, the installer will arrange for a professional to come to your home to measure your windows. These measurements are used to give you the most accurate cost and ensure all windows are made to your home's exact specifications.
  4. Once your windows are complete, the company will schedule an appointment for installation.

How to get the most out of a double glazing budget

We recommend getting quotes from national and local double glazing installers so you can compare prices including labor costs. Keep in mind that some national window companies may outsource their work to a local installer who they will work with anyway, but it might be worth getting quotes from both parties individually to compare.

Before you start contacting installers, it's important to keep a few things in mind to ensure you're getting the most accurate cost estimates, including:

  • How many windows you want to put in - If you only have one or two broken windows but your other equipment is showing its age, consider replacing them all at once as this can save you installation costs in the long run.
  • Which window style do you want?
  • What material would you like them to be made of?
  • What kind of glass might you want?
  • A rough idea of ​​the size of your windows
  • Any details about your house that may affect the installation, e.g. B. Listing status (which requires planning permission and may affect the types of windows you can obtain)
  • Be open to the schedule - double glazing companies can be busy at certain times of the year so it's best to plan ahead and understand that your installation may not be immediate. The earlier you can book your work, the better.

When looking for deals on double glazing, in addition to discussing the windows you're considering buying, it's a good idea to ask the installer a few questions to determine their reliability and experience.

  • Check the installer's qualifications and experience.
  • Are they members of professional associations?
  • Can you see examples of other projects you've worked on?
  • Will you get support after installing Windows?
  • Can you see his insurance records?
  • Are installers paid per window or per day?
  • What guarantees come with the windows?

How to find the best local double glazing installer

Double glazing is one of the most popular home improvement methods, but there are horror stories of bad fixtures, noisy vents, and even long-term damage to the home. As we've said before, it's best to get quotes from national and local window installers. Before choosing an installer, consider the following factors:

(Video) how to fit double glazed windows - LOVELY JOB

1. Experience

Look for a company that has been in business for several years; the longer the better. Longevity is a good indicator of experience and reliability.

2. customer rating

Customer reviews made up the bulk of our research. It is important to read all customer reviews and testimonials on third party websites before making a decision. The company's response to negative reviews should also factor into the decision. If they're willing to fix problems, you can assume their aftercare is up to the task, while a negative response can be a red flag.

3. Work portfolio

Local installers can keep photos of their completed projects to show potential clients, or even tell you which homes in your neighborhood they've worked on so you can see the quality of the windows and installation for yourself. You can also reach out to community groups on social media to get business recommendations and feedback from people who live near you.

4. FENSA registration

Always make sure the company is registered with FENSA and complies with building regulations. This saves you time and money registering your window installation (as the company will do this for you) and gives you peace of mind that the company has been thoroughly audited.

5. Security

Windows is an easy entry point for thieves. Make sure your installer provides a multi-point locking system or other security measures that protect your home.

6. Guarantee

All glaziers must give a minimum 10-year guarantee on their workmanship and materials. The longer the warranty period, the better.

7. Price-performance ratio

Value for money and price transparency are important. It's not uncommon for companies to inspect a home before making an offer, but they shouldn't charge for every minor inspection or hide additional costs in the fine print. Windows offers are non-binding.

Explanation of the energy efficiency levels

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (3)

Double glazed windows often receive an energy efficiency rating from the BFRC. (Image credit: Adobe)

Double glazed units are rated for their energy efficiency - their ability to keep your home warm and therefore save you money on your heating bills. Coded by letters, with E being the least efficient and A++ being the best energy efficiency, each component is accounted for by theBritish Window Qualification Council(BFRC) when calculating your score. These include the glass, the gas used to fill the space, and the build quality of the unit.

All new windows must have a rating of C or higher according to thelatest building codes.

What are the advantages of double glazing?

Double glazed windows offer several benefits in addition to insulating your home.

  1. Reduced heating costs

    Thanks to the insulating and solar gain properties of double glazing, your home retains heat for longer, which means you can reduce the use of a boiler to heat your property. By improving the warmth of yourHouse at approx. 64%, in a typical family property, Possibility of double glazingSave up to £235 a year.

  2. Increased security

    The glass in double-glazed windows is much stronger and harder to break than regular glass panes, and thanks to the design of the sealed units, opening them from the outside is almost impossible. Most models also come standard with locks, which greatly increases your home's security measures. For added security, choose tempered or laminated glass for windows that are hidden from the street or neighbors.

  3. noise reduction

    If you live near a busy street, under a flight path, or have noisy neighbors, double glazing keeps the noise out of the way. The thermal insulating properties also prevent outside noise from entering or noise from inside your home escaping.

  4. Increase in real estate value

    Adding double glazing to your home will improve its appearance and make it attractive to potential buyers.replacement windowyou can addup to 10%to the value of your property.

  5. reduced condensation

    If your home is prone to condensation, it can cause dampness to spread everywhere, soft furniture and carpets smell musty, cause airborne mold spores, and negatively affect all woodwork. However, the double glazing prevents this. Condensation occurs when the window glass is cooler than the air inside the property, but thanks to the cavity, heat from the room never reaches the cooler outside pane.

  6. Minimize internal damage

    Soft furnishings, paintings, wood and more can all be affected by the sunlight streaming through the windows, but the double glazing reduces the harmful UV rays that penetrate. This protects your furniture from impairments such as discoloration and minimizes temperature fluctuations that can lead to cracks in wooden objects.

  7. Environmentally friendly

    By reducing energy consumption and reducing the UK's dependence on fossil fuels, double glazing is more environmentally friendly. Switching from single to double glazing windows allows you to reduce your carbon footprintup to 410 kg per year.The most popular material for double glazed frames isuPVC, and because of advances in recycling technology and product innovation, it isrecognized as a sustainable option. Window frames can be recycled up to 10 times without material destruction, meaning less going to landfill.

What are the disadvantages of double-glazed windows?

You may find that the advantages of double glazing far outweigh the disadvantages, but here are some of the disadvantages of installing new windows:

  1. difficult to repair

    Since double glazing is a closed unit with a layer of gas between the two panes of glass, repairs are not as easy as with single glazing. If the seal is broken and hot air gets between the glass panes, the entire glass unit must be replaced, regardless of whether just one pane is broken. Repairing blown double glazing can be expensive. However, it is possible to adjust PVC windows to maintain maximum efficiency.

  2. Sun gain in summer

    Double glazed windows benefit from something called solar gain, which locks the warmth of sunlight into your home. That's great news in the winter, because using sunlight to heat your home can reduce your dependence on central heating, but in the summer it can make your home uncomfortable. It is therefore important to keep the curtains or blinds closed during the day in summer. However, if you can keep your home cooler than the outside temperature, you can rest assured that your windows will keep the heat out.

  3. Not suitable for all objects.

    While many companies have gone to great lengths to design double glazed windows to match the traditional style of older homes, there are some limitations to the type of windows you can install in listed buildings that may require planning permission to overcome is. However, you can still improve the energy efficiency of your home by installing secondary glazing, which is a pane of glass placed on the inside of a window that does not affect the outside appearance and does not require planning permission.

Various types of double glazed window frame materials.

There are four types of window frames that you are likely to choose from during the installation of double glazed windows: uPVC, aluminum, wood and composite; but what are they and what are the pros and cons of each? The table below examines their pros and cons to help you choose the right one for your home.

frame materialAdvantagesIn contrast
uPVCLow maintenance, energy efficient, affordable price and safeCan stain easily if not cared for
AluminiumThe frames are slim and sleek, allowing for more glass area and the windows appear largerFrames are not as energy efficient as other materials
MaderaWooden frames are aesthetically pleasing and will last the longest with proper care.Wooden frames are the most expensive and require a lot of maintenance.
ConnectionCombines the look of a wooden window on the inside but looks like aluminum on the outside - looks elegant and durable but requires less maintenanceMore expensive than PVC window frames

What types of double glazing are there?

Gone are the days of swing out double glazed units and today many styles are available meaning you can customize the architectural exterior of your property and enhance its appearance.

Casement windows are the most popular type. Designed to let in as much light as possible, they suit most UK properties. Windows can be hinged on both sides or on top, open inwards or outwards - the choice is yours.

Bottom hung and casement windows are a type of paneling and are usually built into casement window units. The units feature a double hinge system, allowing them to be opened by folding from the top or through the more traditional side hinge. This makes them ideal if you have young children as the incline prevents anyone from getting out and causing an accident.

Sash windows or vertical sashes are ideal for Georgian architecture but can be fitted to most casements. With the ability to easily slide up and down, they are much lighter than original sliding windows.

Georgian mullioned windows are casement units with the appearance of having multiple small panes of glass in each window unit. This is created by incorporating vertical and horizontal bars into the large pane of glass. Vertical and horizontal bars are a popular choice and add a chic, vintage look to most modern properties.

different types of glass

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (4)

Double glazed windows offer a number of advantages. (Image credit: Adobe)


  • Ideal for cold regions where a lot of energy is used to heat the house
  • Windows made from this type of glass are the most energy efficient and will help you save the most on your energy bills.

acoustic glass

  • This type of glass is designed to reduce outside noise.
  • It consists of two or more panes of glass bonded together with one or more acoustic layers.
  • It is the best type of glass for double glazing to reduce noise.

safety glass

  • Safety glass panes have a thickness of 7.9 mm to 18 mm
  • Safety glass can withstand attacks from objects such as bricks and axes for up to two minutes.

solar control glass

  • This type of glass is designed to reflect and filter the sun's rays.
  • Solar control glass lets light into your home without causing annoying glare.

self-cleaning glass

  • Self-cleaning glass is covered with a transparent layer.
  • The coating breaks down dirt and distributes the water evenly over the surface of the windows.

decorative glass

  • Decorative glass is a great way to personalize your windows with patterns, textures or colors.
  • You can also combine decorative glass with any of the above types for different functions.

What is the installation process for double glazed windows?

These are the steps your double glazing installer will follow when installing your new windows.

  1. Removal of old windows.– Your old windows and their frames will be carefully removed to make room for replacements. If there is a problem with the brickwork around the window it will be fixed before the new frames are put in place. Most installers include this step in their quote, but be sure to check if they charge additional fees for removal or disposal of old units.
  2. new frames installed– Installers place new window frames in the gaps left by your old units and check that they are level.
  3. built-in glass– The sealed insulating glass units are then carefully fitted into the window frames and fixed with beads.
  4. finishing touches– With the frames and glass in place, the installers complete the windows by caulking the edges on either side with silicone and color-coded trim.
  5. Last quality check– Once your windows are complete, they will be inspected by your installers to ensure the quality of the installation meets requirements. They will be looking for gaps in the sealants or other issues that could be causing your double glazing to not perform as it should.
  6. cleaning and demonstration.– The team working at your facility will clean up any dust or dirt created during the process and leave your home as it was before arrival. Your installer can also give you a demonstration showing you how to open and lock your windows, how to use and care for your vents, and an explanation of any issues you need to be aware of. demand that they return for inspection.
  7. Follow up– Some double glazing installers will follow up with a courtesy call a week or two after installation to see if you are happy with the quality of your windows and the work done. This is your opportunity to raise issues or ask questions. You should also receive a FENSA certificate for your installation and details of your product warranty.

The time it takes to install your new double glazing will depend on how many windows you have installed. For most homes, installation can be completed in one day. Installation costs vary by company but average between £150 and £300 per day.

The table below is intended to give you an estimate of how long the installation process will take and what the total cost will be.

number of windowsCost (without installation)installation time
4–5£1.000–£1.2501 Tag
6–10£1.500–£2.5001 Tag
10+£2.500+1 Tag+

Best double glazing installers in the UK 2023

We've thoroughly researched double glazing installers and compared them on cost, warranty, energy efficiency and the variety of styles on offer. We've also looked at the latest Trustpilot reviews and ratings to help us find the top five companies in the UK.

Comparison of companies for double glazed windows

companiesenergy ratingPrice range per windowGuaranteevariety of materialsTrustpilot review
angloA or A+ for plastic double glazing; A++ for triple glazing£250–£91010 year warranty on all parts and labour, 15 year on gas filled windowsplastic, aluminum, wood3,8 Sterne
EverestA+ for plastic windows500 £– 3.200 £10-year, 20-year, or lifetime transferable warranties (fee)plastic, aluminum, wood4,3 Sterne
safe styleA£250–£1.05010-year standard warranty (excluding handles)uPVC4,1 Sterne
glitteredA+ for double glazing; A++ for triple glazing£160–£60510 year transferrable warrantyPVC, Aluminium4,1 Sterne
Great BritainA+£250–£60510 year transferrable warrantyPVC, Aluminium3,6 Sterne

Anglian Home Improvements - Best overall company for double glazed windows

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (5)

Photo credit: Anglo

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (6)

Dark wood grain PVC window with white interior. (Image credit: English)

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (7)

White hinged PVC interior windows. (Image credit: English)

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (8)

English white casement windows. (Image credit: English)

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double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (9)

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (10)
double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (11)
double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (12)
  • Warranty Options: 10 year warranty on all parts and labour, 15 year warranty on gas filled windows
  • Price class: Ffrom £250-£910 per window
  • Energy efficiency class:A or A+ in all double glazing
  • Assured classification by design:SBD accredited tilt and turn, casement and sliding windows

Anglian received our top rating as the best double glazed window company for a number of reasons. Anglian offers a variety of styles and materials (including uPVC windows in various finishes, timber and aluminium), decorative glass options and clever security features including deadbolt locks, key pulls, bypass devices and multi-point locks.

Formerly known as Anglian Windows, the company has been in business since the 1960's and is a market leader, installing more than half a million products each year. Anglian also values ​​economic and environmental sustainability; All products are Made in Britain and the company is part of the Recovinyl Plus initiative which focuses on PVC recycling.

Fair payment options, bespoke design options, impressive accreditations and very positive reviews have led us to give this company top marks for double glazing machines. Window styles include casement, pocket, cottage, casement, bay window, and tilt and turn windows. And buyers can choose from a variety of Scandinavian-inspired styles and colors, including wood finishes on uPVC frames.


Anglian does not provide a public price list, however customers can request free quotes online. However, based on our research, the average cost of a 60cm x 90cm window is as follows:


our recommendation

Anglian's true specialty is bespoke and beautifully designed products for cash shoppers in a variety of styles. It offers some credit terms, but with an APR of 11.9%, it's not as cheap as some of the company's competitors (particularly brands like Safestyle and Britannia, which come with interest-free terms and "buy now, pay later" plans ).

Security conscious buyers will also appreciate much about Anglian's security features, particularly their locking systems and the coveted Secured by Design (SBD) accreditation they hold. Anglia double glazed windows are our top choice overall for their versatility, price, payment options and strong corporate guarantees. Reviewers rate this company and their installers highly.

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Everest: the best guarantee

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (13)

Photo credit: Everest

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (14)

Tilt and rotate PVC windows. (Image credit: Everest)

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (15)

Everest is one of the more expensive options on the market, but the quality is excellent. (Image credit: Everest)

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (16)

Everest sliding window. (Image credit: Everest)

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (17)

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (18)
double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (19)
double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (20)
  • Warranty Options: 10 years on standard parts and materials on all products, 20 years on the exclusive uPVC range. Lifetime transferrable warranty available on the exclusive uPVC range at an additional cost
  • Price range:£500 - £3,200 per window
  • Energy efficiency class:A+ for plastic casement windows
  • Assured classification by design:SBD accredited

Everest takes second place as the best double glazed window company due to its unmatched warranty options. Founded in 1965 as Home Insulation Ltd at Waltham Abbey, the brand is one of the oldest double glazing companies in the UK. It has the highest Trustpilot rating (4,3 Sterne) of the brands on our list, with stellar reviews praising their customer service, reliability, and design.

Everest isn't the cheapest double glazing installer on our list, but it's probably your safest choice, with an impressive list of accreditations and memberships including Made in Britain, Secured by Design, Quiet Mark, Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENCE), TrustMark, British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and BSI Kitemarks. This, plus transferrable warranty options (including lifetime warranties), makes Everest a solid choice for buyers who expect quality and reliability from their double glazed window company.


Like Anglian, Everest doesn't make its price available on the website (other than offering an average price range of between £500 and £3200 per window), but we've used a few comparison sites to come up with an average price for a casement window. It's also worth noting that Everest is currently offering free upgrades from double to triple glazing, which has an impressive A++ energy rating.

Aluminium625 £– 1.537 £

our recommendation

Everest is the best option for cautious buyers who prioritize quality and safety above everything (including price). While Everest offers a choice of PVC, timber and aluminum windows, it offers fewer design options than Anglian and Britannia. Everest really has an edge over its competitors when it comes to coverage. Not only does it boast an impressive list of accreditations (the most comprehensive of any double glazed window company we review) but it also offers extremely attractive long-term guarantees which are transferrable between owners, adding value to the property should you wish to sell it. down the line.

A 10-year warranty is standard on all parts and materials, and on issues arising from defective workmanship, including fogging and condensation. A free 20-year warranty is offered on all uPVC Exclusives windows, covering fading and fogging. The lifetime guarantee is available at an additional cost, but offers complete peace of mind and access to lifetime coverage against fogging and condensation on your windows.

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Safestyle: more sustainable

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double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (21)

Photo credit: Safestyle

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (22)

Safe white bathroom upvc window with lower half open

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (23)
double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (24)
  • Warranty Options: 10-year standard warranty (excluding handles)
  • Price range:Ffrom £250 to £1,050
  • Energy efficiency class:A note
  • Assured classification by design:not currently accredited by SBD

Founded in 1992, Safestyle is one of the youngest double glazed window companies on this list. Still it is one of the largest installers in the UK with a turnover of over £100m for double glazing. It offers a range of doors, windows and conservatories. Unlike Everest and Anglian, the company focuses exclusively on PVC windows (albeit in a range of finishes, including wood effect finishes).

Safestyle offers good value for money, is well rated online and offers extremely flexible credit and payment options for budget-conscious consumers. However, the key differentiator must be its persistent commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment.

The company runs its own Safestyle recycling centers across the UK and buys back old windows from customers. The company manages to recycle 80 tons of waste glass, 5 tons of scrap and 500 tons of PVC scrap every month, while converting the wood into biomass heating fuel. The company also aims to recycle all of its waste by 2024.


As Safestyle does not offer any timber or aluminum products it is difficult to price compare with Everest and Anglian but we can compare the average cost per window style. While Safestyle isn't the cheapest, they offer a price-match guarantee (as long as the competitor's product matches the advertised window style and material).

window style


window frames


Bunch of bills


tilt and rotate



£400+ per section

our recommendation

Have various online reviewscriticized the Safestyle sales teamPushing consumers to buy the most expensive options available, and the company hasreceive finesfor his aggressive tactics in the past. However, Safestyle seems to have changed and even preserved this in recent yearsan award for ethical and professional selling. Officially, the company offers the lowest price guarantee, which means you can customize offers and promotions, as well as extremely flexible financing offers funded through lending partners.

These include a 24-month interest-free loan agreement at 0% APR, a 12-month buy-now-buy-later plan at 12.9% APR, and various loan options that earn interest starting at 12.9% APR. Interest rates are fairly high, but there are no deposits and flexible terms, making it a solid option for people looking to improve their home and pay on credit.

Safestyle double glazed windows come with a minimum 10 year guarantee as required by FENSA and buyers can choose from multiple frame styles, glass options and 27 different colors and finishes. It's a great option for buyers who need to make a large purchase on credit or who want to reduce the carbon footprint of home renovations through recycling. Safestyle's many recycling options and use of recycled material make this an excellent choice for the environmentally conscious homeowner.

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Britelite Windows: the most profitable

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (25)

Photo credit: Britelita

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (26)

Britelite uPVC casement window. (Image credit: Britelite)

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (27)

A Britelite bay window design. (Image credit: Britelite)

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (28)

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (29)
double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (30)
  • Warranty Options: 10 year transferrable warranty
  • Price range:Ffrom £160-£605 per window
  • Energy efficiency class:A+ in PVC double glazing
  • Assured classification by design:Not accredited by SBD

Britelite Windows has been in the double glazed window business for almost 50 years. In addition to a 10-point locking system, the company has placed a great deal of focus on security and energy efficiency. The company accreditations include the BSI KiteMark for window installation.

Britelite's transparent pricing policy has earned it a spot on our list. There are no hidden fees and offers are always provided including VAT and accessories. Online reviewers have often commented on how much more affordable the Britelite is than some of its rivals, both in terms of price and energy savings.


Prices aren't available online, but we've checked prices from various comparison sites for an average.


our recommendation

Britelite Windows is a good choice for cash-strapped buyers who want ease of installation and pricing. Britelite's pricing is competitive and transparent, making it easy to make a preliminary decision. Unlike some of its competitors, online reviewers praise Britelite for its simple and direct selling tactics. Cost savings are also achieved through increased energy efficiency after installation.

In turn, Britelite doesn't offer many payment options, but its monthly financing option is extremely fair at a representative APR of 8.9%. The company doesn't offer a lot of frills in terms of materials or design, and the coverage it offers is a standard 10-year warranty.

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Britannia Windows: The best payment options

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (31)

Photo credit: Britannia

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double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (32)

Composite finish window. (Image credit: Britannia)

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (33)

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (34)
  • Warranty Options: 10 year transferrable warranty
  • Price range:£250 - £605 per window
  • Energy efficiency class:an ohA+ in double glazing
  • Assured classification by design:SBD accredited

Britannia Windows is a well known family business, established in 1982, covering most of the South and South West of England. While Double Glazing Installer has mixed reviews online, it has a solid reputation, is direct in its approach to customer service and negative reviews, and utilizes a network of installers to ensure prompt service delivery. Contact center hours are also convenient for busy homeowners.

Britannia offers extremely flexible payment terms and various financing options, making it an attractive option for buyers looking to take advantage of credit. It also offers the buyers a wide range of designs, colors and styles.


Prices are not available online, but we were able to retrieve a number of customer reported costs from review sites. Pricing is generally comparable to Safestyle and Anglian. Most reviewers rate their cost as "fair" or "reasonable."


our recommendation

New windows are a long-term investment, and many homeowners need financing for a purchase of this magnitude. Britannia Windows is a good option if you need financing. It offers affordable monthly financing, a "buy now, pay later" payment scheme and an APR of 0% on purchases over £3,000.

The company is known for their beautiful showrooms in a variety of convenient locations, friendly service, and efficient installation, making it a solid all-in-one option. As a smaller company (compared to some of the others on our list), Britannia's range of design and color options is impressive.

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What are your rights when buying double glazed windows?

double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (35)

It is important to know your rights as a consumer when it comes to installing double glazing. (Image credit: Adobe)

Home improvements usually go smoothly, but there are horror stories about double glazing window installations gone wrong: incomplete jobs, incorrect installations, wrong sized windows and even property damage. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your project, it's important to know your rights as a consumer.

The most important step you can take is to do your research before contacting companies to get quotes or sign contracts. We hope our guide has given you an idea of ​​what to look out for.

Once you have selected the offer that best fits your budget and your idea of ​​what your new windows will look like, here are a few things to keep in mind as your installation progresses.

What should be included in my contract?

Read your contract carefully before signing it so you understand what work will be done and the terms the company has set for the project. In general, your contract should include the following details:

  • A description of the desired windows and the work to be performed.
  • The total price, including all known fees and applicable taxes
  • A date for the installation and how long it is expected to take

What rights of cancellation do I have?

The general consumer rights state that most sales contracts must contain a so-called Atime of reflectionof at least 14 days. This applies to deals made online, over the phone or in person at your home and allows the buyer to cancel the sale without risk.

However, if your windows are specially made for your property or you have signed the contract with the installer, you lose your right of withdrawal. This is also true if you discuss the sale with an at-home advisor and later agree to them, as it is assumed you have had time to calm down and consider the contract.

What if there are problems after my installation?

If after installation you discover a problem with your double glazed windows or something is wrong with the work itself you should be covered by your FENSA backed warranty which is a requirement that installers must provide. You should first contact the company to resolve any issues.

They are also covered by theConsumer Protection Act 2015, which protects consumers from defective products or services. The guidelines state that each service:

  • be carried out with all reasonable care and skill.
  • Use of fit for purpose products and materials of satisfactory quality
  • Be as described and what you ordered.

If you feel that these criteria have not been met, your installer should remedy the situation. However, it's up to the company to decide whether to repair or replace it, and they'll usually choose the cheaper option of the two.

FENSE also offers aComplaints Procedureif you cannot find a solution directly with your installer while you are a member.

Is there an ombudsman for double glazed windows?

If heOmbudsman program for the quality assurance of double glazing and conservatoriesoffers free consumer advice over the phone and free access to its servicesThe glazing arbitration scheme(TGAS – formally the Glazing Ombudsman Scheme) may refer cases to arbitration, the purpose of which is to resolve disputes without a trial; However, this system is only available if your installer is a member of FENSA or the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) and has already gone through their complaints procedure. Please note that TGAS's decision is legally binding, which means that if you are not satisfied with the outcome of the arbitration, you cannot appeal.

Other Consumer Rights

If you paid for some or all of your windows with a credit card, or if the window company arranged finance on your behalf and the sale was between £100 and £30,000, you are covered by the windowConsumer Credit Act 1974, making your credit card provider as liable as the installer for any disputes. This means that you can claim up to the full sales value. This does not apply if you have taken out a bank loan yourself to pay for the position.


Your last resort in resolving a dispute with your installer is to take them to court for an indemnification order. Which court you go to depends on the amount of your claim: if it's £10,000 or less in England and Wales, or up to £3,000 in Northern Ireland, you can go to small claims court. In Scotland you can use the simple procedure for claims up to £5,000.

Remember that legal action can be expensive and take a long time to reach a decision.

Keep a record of each step of your complaints process, including emails, phone records and other written communications with your installer, and pictures of damage or improper installation, as all of this can be used as evidence to support your case.

Are there subsidies for double glazing?

There are somedouble glazing grantsand loans available depending on your eligibility. The following schemes are aimed at reducing the cost of installing windows.

Obligation of the energy company

The Energy Company Obligation, also known as ECO4, is a program whereby registered energy suppliers provide funds for energy efficiency improvements.

The individuals who are part of the core group under theWarm Home Discount Programare eligible to apply for or receive at least one of the following benefits:

  • Universalkredit
  • housing benefit
  • Income-related Employment and Assistance Allowance (ESA)
  • Earnings-based Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA)
  • social care
  • child support
  • Tax credits (child allowance and work allowance)
  • annuity guarantee loan
  • pension balance savings balance

Los Angeles-Flex

LA Flex is an extension of ECO4 and provides financial assistance to those who do not meet the ECO4 criteria.They are CommunityHas available funds to help low-income families with the cost of installing energy-efficient home improvements, including double-glazed windows.

Green Deal loan program

The Green Deal loan is a government program that helps fund energy efficient renovations in England, Scotland and Wales. Loan is available for double glazing, solar panels, boiler upgrades and dormer insulation.

The Green Deal loan has to be repaid, but the repayments are less than the money you save by installing the system and are added to your electricity bill.


double glazed windows | Prices and installers in your area (36)

Double glazed windows enhance both the outside and inside of your home (Image credit: Adobe)

After hours of research, we're sure this guide will help you find the best double glazed windows for your home. Whether they offer long-term guarantees, a reduced carbon footprint, low prices and value for money, or flexible payment terms, you can evaluate your options to find the best installer for your project.

Frequently asked questions about double glazed windows


In conducting this research, we use a rating system based on some of the most important factors when choosing a double glazed window company. Each company was rated on its ability to meet these factors. Each company received an overall score of 100.

Factors included:

  • The type of double glazing material (PVC, wood, aluminum) for a total of 20 points;
  • The number of styles offered for a total of 7 points;
  • The energy efficiency rating that the company has for a total of 2-5 points;
  • The security level is offered for a total of 4 points;
  • The guarantee period for a total of 2-5 points depending on the duration;
  • The company's many years of experience from 7 to 10 points;
  • The number of payment options for a total of 14 points;
  • The company's overall rating on Trustpilot for a total of 1 to 5 points;
  • Additional benefits (including FENSA certification, design options, customer support and the inclusion of drip holes) for a total of 15 points.

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