Cracking noise when turning: causes and how to fix it (2023)

When you turn the corner, the last thing you plan to hear is a bang. Any noise while driving can be a sign that something is seriously wrong. If you hear a clicking noise when turning, it's best to find out the underlying issues before more damage occurs.

In this guide, we have covered the reasons why you hear a clicking noise when cornering. Once you know what's causing it, you might as well fix it. At the end of this article, we also try to answer your main questions.

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Causes of a clicking noise when turning

The most common reasons for a clicking noise when turning are a broken coil spring, a bad bracket assembly, bad brackets, or a bad ball joint. It could also be worn control arm bushings or bad CV joints, all of which are repairable.

Here is a more detailed list of the most common causes of a clicking noise when turning:

1. Broken coil spring

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The coil spring is a vital component of thecar suspension. Most cars are equipped with these springs. Coils can last the life of your vehicle, but they are also prone to damage, especially if you drive on rough roads.

When the coil spring breaks, you will hear a popping sound, as well as banging or popping. It can also cause misalignment, leading to problems controlling the vehicle while driving. If not checked, thecool ruinsit will cause even more damage to the tire tread. Since you don't want to replace the tires either, it's best to address this issue as soon as possible.

2. Poor technical support

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If your vehicle has a front strut assembly, the strut may have failed. Bracket mounting is required to cushion the shock of highway driving. It is also a pivot point for your car's steering system.

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The assembly contains a bearing that provides the pivot function. If the assembly is worn, a popping sound will be more pronounced when turning. A bad shock absorber can also lead to tire wear or steering vibrations.


3. Defective media

It is also possible that thesupports failed. These parts act as shock absorbers along with the spring coils. Inside the shock absorber cylinder is gas or liquid, along with a piston.

If the strut breaks or gets stuck, the suspension won't absorb the shock in the same way. While it won't cause any damage to the vehicle, there will be a strange clicking noise from the wheels.

4. Worn or damaged ball joint

Ball joints are part of the suspension and steering system. They allow the steering knuckles to turn when turning because the ball joints are connected to the steering knuckle. The steering bars are also part of this system, responsible for transferring the movement from the steering box to the joints.

If any of these parts fail, you may hear a popping or popping sound. This noise is more pronounced when you are turning.

5. Worn control arm bushings

Control arms connect the suspension to the vehicle's chassis. Attached to the control arms are bushings.

When the bushings fail, you will hear a popping, clicking, or popping noise when you turn the steering wheel. This noise will eventually get worse, possibly becoming a screeching noise.

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6. Bad CV Joints

Cracking noise when turning: causes and how to fix it (3)

If your vehicle is front wheel drive, it will have constant velocity (CV) axles. These shafts transfer the rotational force from the engine to the front wheels via the transmission. With each CV axle, there is also an outer and inner CV joint.

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These joints are responsible for allowing the axle shaft to move up and down when going over speed bumps. The outer joints are also needed to turn, which allows the front wheels to turn. When the CV joints start to wear, you will hear popping, popping, or clicking noises when turning and accelerating.

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How to fix a popping noise when turning

When you can't stand the popping noise anymore, it's time to fix the problem. In order to diagnose and repair the problem like a professional, you need to follow the same steps as them. As professional mechanics, we know exactly how to get your car back to silence.

Here are some general steps to follow.

1. Determine where it comes from

Before you begin, consider reading thefactory service manualfor your vehicle. This manual will show all the diagrams and parts you will inspect. All recommended procedures will also be described.

To find out what's going on, you first need to determine which side of the car the noise is coming from. If it's hard to tell from inside the vehicle, ask a friend to come along for the ride. Sometimes it is useful to listen from different parts of the car when cornering. The two of you can compare notes and narrow down the location.

2. Inspect coil springs and support bracket

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You should perform a visual check of the coil springs and strut mount. The springs are located near the wheel on the axle. If you jack up the vehicle, you can see broken springs or mounts much more easily.

However, not all spring breaks are easy to spot. If the break happens in the middle, you may need to do a little more digging.

3. Inspect suspension and bushings

Next, you want to inspect the boots and bushings for signs of wear. When looking under the vehicle, work on the steering wheel where you first hear the noise. If the bushings are separating or the suspension appears worn, you need to prepare for replacement.

Be sure to look for excessive slack at the tie rod ends. Start at the power steering box and work your way up from the arms to the wheels. EITHERtie rod endsThey are the connection point between the wheels and the power steering box. If the bushings are compromised, you will need to replace them.

(Video) Subaru grinding noise when turning fixed!

4. Replace broken parts

Any problems found in the initial scan should be fixed. In many cases, it is better to replace suspension parts in pairs. So if you have a bad coil spring on one side, you might as well replace the other at the same time. Since the other spring is worn, just installing one can change the ride height and balance of the vehicle.

While you're working on the suspension system, it's best to replace anything that looks worn. For example, if you're replacing springs because one broke, you might also want to inspect the ball joints, bushings, and other vital components in case they need to be replaced as well. If something doesn't seem to last much longer, go ahead and replace it safely.

5. Contact a professional

If you are not sure if you can do the repair yourself, it is better to get help from a professional mechanic. if you do not knowHow to find a good auto shop, we encourage you to talk to family and friends to get their recommendations.

According to a report made byAAAa few years ago, heaverage mechanical costsbetween $47 and $215 per hour. This is a small price to pay compared to what you might spend if you try to fix the suspension yourself and mess it up.

frequent questions

What causes a clicking noise when turning?

You likely have a failing part in your suspension or steering system. It could be caused by a bad ball joint, bad mounts, a bad mount assembly, a broken coil spring, worn control arm bushings, or bad CV joints. You should inspect the system and replace what is faulty.

Why does my interface hang?

Suspension problems can lead to a popping noise at the front end, especially if you are cornering. The suspension is connected to the steering system, so it is necessary to inspect all these parts to find the root of the problem. Fix whatever is broken as soon as possible to ensure your safety on the road.


Why do I hear a clicking sound when I turn the steering wheel?

Turning the steering wheel activates various steering components and suspension parts. Listen carefully to where the sound is coming from and inspect that side. You will most likely find a bad ball joint, bad mount, broken coil spring, bad mount, bad CV joints, or worn control arm bushings.

Do the ball joints make noise when turning?

Yes, worn ball joints make a slight popping or popping sound that may be intermittent at first. You can hear it more when cornering, coming from the offending side of the vehicle. It can also be uttered when you hit a dip or bump in the road.

Conclusion: Cracking noise when turning

Even as professional technicians, it can be difficult to determine where the popping noise is coming from when you turn. Sometimes it takes a lot of knowledge and inspection to figure out what's going on. For this reason, you may feel better about having it examined at your local repair shop.

Whether you fix it yourself or take it to a mechanic, it's best to fix your popping noise as soon as possible. Any suspension or steering problem can cause you to lose control when turning. If the situation is bad, you could end up causing an accident, which you don't want.




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