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(Video) 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport 4X4 Review and Test Drive for sale by: AutoHaus of Naples




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(Video) 2014 Ram 1500 Sport Crew Cab 4X4 CUSTOM TRUCK | Crosstown Auto Centre

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2014 Ram 1500 4x4 Pickup 4WD Dodge Sport Crew Cab - Cars & Trucks -... (1)

2014 RAM 1500

cylinders:8 cylinders
title status:to clean

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(Video) Watch This Truck Review: 2014 RAM 1500 on Everyman Driver
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STOCK #:ES333603
COR:Granite Crystal / Black metallic transparent cover
BODY:cabin crew
MOTOR:5.7 liters 8 cylinders
MPG:15 City/ 21 Highway

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2014 ram1500 sport
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Description:* Black; Premium Leather Seats * Leather Seats * Granite Crystal Metallic Varnish * Bluetooth Connection * Refrigerated Front Seat(s) * Engine: 5.7L V8 Hemi Mds VvtThis vehicle includes a money back guarantee* and passed our precise inspection process. And best of all, the price you see is the price you pay. No haggling. No comings and goings. No pressure. And that price is so good it's guaranteed. *Money back guarantee is valid for 5 days or 250 miles, whichever comes first. Subject to certain terms and conditions. Consult the store for details. Some restrictions apply. AutoNation Dodge Ram Arapahoe has a wide selection of exceptional used vehicles to choose from, including this 2014 Ram 1500. How do you protect your purchase? The CARFAX Buyback Guarantee has you covered. Today's luxury vehicle is not just about opulence. It's a perfect balance of performance, comfort and attention to detail. This 2014 Ram 1500 Sport is the perfect example of modern luxury. Equipped with four-wheel drive, this Ram 1500 Sport gives you more confidence to tackle whatever road surface you take on. More on the 2014 Ram 1500: The Ram 1500 has already given truck buyers plenty of reasons to consider it, with an available Hemi V8 engine, coil spring rear suspension and innovative storage solutions, but with some very effective upgrades. increased chassis strength, increased base engine power and efficiency, and more intuitive interior ergonomics - the Ram raises the bar for full-size trucks. This model's strengths include ample V8 power available with an upgraded V6, multiple model configurations to suit all needs, headboard Ram-Box storage, improved fuel efficiency and easy to use cabs.
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(Video) 2014 Ram 1500 Sport 4x4 Quad Cab | Feature Review & Walkaround

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What is the 2014 Ram 1500 Sport package? ›

Ram Sport ($34,245-$43,115) includes the 5.7-liter Hemi and 8-speed automatic, high-back bucket seats, body-color bumpers and mirrors, fog lamps, LED interior lighting, power adjustable pedals, audio system upgrade, rearview camera, projector headlamps in black housings, 20×9-inch wheels and most convenience features ...

Is 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 a good truck? ›

The 2014 Ram 1500 is a good used truck. It has top-notch cabin materials, a comfortable ride, and an available smooth-shifting eight-speed automatic transmission. The Ram 1500 also won our 2014 Best Full Size Truck for the Money award.

What is a 2014 Ram 1500 Sport worth? ›

2014 Ram 1500 Value - $7,839-$28,010 | Edmunds.

How many miles will a 2014 Ram 1500 last? ›

Your Ram 1500 can last over 250,000 miles and up to 17 years with proper care and maintenance.

What are common problems for 2014 Ram 1500? ›

What Problems Does the 2014 Ram 1500 Have?
  • Transmission and driveline problems are very common according to owners. ...
  • GPS and infotainment system problems also happen relatively frequently. ...
  • Engine problems, leading to a check engine light, are also common.

What are the best years for a used Dodge Ram 1500? ›

7 Great Years for the Ram Pickup
  • 2003 Dodge Ram 1500. Choosing a used Ram 1500 is a great way to get an excellent truck while saving some money; the further back you go, the more money you can typically save. ...
  • 2006 Dodge Ram 1500. ...
  • 2010 Ram 1500. ...
  • 2013 Ram 1500. ...
  • 2016 Ram 1500. ...
  • 2019 Ram 1500 Classic. ...
  • 2020 Ram 1500.
Aug 27, 2021

What was the most reliable truck in 2014? ›

Most Reliable 2014 Trucks
  • 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. ADVERTISEMENT. ...
  • 2014 Chevrolet Silverado HD. If you need to tow more weight and haul more payload than the light-duty Silverado 1500 can tackle, the 2014 Chevy Silverado HD may just be for you. ...
  • 2014 Honda Ridgeline. ...
  • 2014 Nissan Frontier. ...
  • 2014 Toyota Tundra.
May 15, 2014

Is there a recall on 2014 Ram transmission? ›

Number of Vehicles Potentially Affected: 159 four-wheel-drive 2014 Ram 1500 pickups with the eight-speed automatic transmission built from January 24, 2014 through February 5, 2014. The recall affects approximately 125 trucks are in U.S., 32 in Canada, and two outside of the NAFTA region, according to the automaker.

Is a Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 a good truck? ›

The 2023 Ram 1500 is an excellent full-size pickup truck. It sports a classy cabin and a pampering ride, as well as plenty of interior space and user-friendly infotainment features. The powertrain buffet runs the gamut from a workhorse V6 to a fuel-efficient diesel, with some punchy V8s also in the mix.

What is the Ram 1500 Sport package? ›

Take command of 20-inch aluminum wheels with OWL all-season tires and adrenaline-fueled enhancements included in the 2023 Ram 1500 Sport Appearance Package, available on Laramie® and Big Horn® models.

What is the most common problem with Dodge Ram 1500? ›

Engine, electrical system, and brake problems are among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners. The 2022 Dodge Ram is meant to be not only a work truck but also a comfortable vehicle for relaxing in.

What does the Ram Sport Package include? ›

This package includes 22-inch wheels, extra black interior and exterior accents, leather bucket seats, a sports performance hood, and more features, which will cost an extra $3,495.

Which Ram 1500 engine gets the best gas mileage? ›

RAM 1500 MPG by Drivetrain & Engine (EPA-Estimated)
  • 3.6L V6 24V VVT eTorque Engine – 19 mpg city/24 mpg highway.
  • 5.7L V8 HEMI® MDS VVT Engine – 15 mpg city/21 mpg highway/17 combined.
  • 6.2L Supercharged HEMI® V8 SRT® Engine – 10 mpg city/14 mpg highway/11 combined.

Does a 2014 Ram 1500 have a timing belt? ›

Newer models use timing belts made of polyurethane and Kevlar for long life and durability. They can go as long as 100,000 miles although it's always a good idea to change it before then. Belt failure can cause extensive damage to the valves, pistons and other internal parts of the engine.

How often should you change the transmission fluid on a 2014 Ram 1500? ›

2014 Ram 1500 Transmission Fluid

If you don't routinely change your fluids at least every 30,000 miles or so, you may find that your 2014 Ram 1500 transmission will slip.

Which are 1500 series RAM trucks to avoid? ›

The 2016, 2014, And 2013 Model Years Have The Most Reported Issues. According to the CarComplaints website, despite the 2014 model having the highest number of complaints, the 2016 Ram 1500 holds the title of the worst fourth-generation model.

How much does it cost to replace a transmission in a 2014 Ram 1500? ›

The cost of a new 2014 RAM 1500 transmission could be over $3,500 depending on the vehicle, however, transmission services such as fluid changes and a transmission fluid flush are considerably less lavish, in some cases costing less than $150.

Do Rams have transmission problems? ›

Considering the large number of transmission problems the Dodge Ram has, it's no surprise Dodge has issued a recall. A Recall, NHTSA number: 22V835, has been issued for the 2022 Ram Heavy Duty pickup trucks.

Which Dodge Ram model is the best? ›

TrueCar ranks the following vehicles as the best Ram trucks to buy:
  • Ram 1500.
  • Ram 3500.
  • Ram 2500.
  • Ram 1500 Classic.
  • Ram ProMaster City Wagon.

Do Rams hold their value? ›

You know you need a truck that can last many thousands of miles on the road. You know you need a Ram. Ram trucks hold their resale value very well. When you purchase one of these trucks, you can rest assured that in a few years, when you go to sell, you are going to get your money back.

How long do Ram 1500s last? ›

Your average Ram 1500 pickup truck will last between 200,000 and 300,000 miles, according to reputable auto critics and owners. The average annual repair bill for a Ram 1500 is $691.

What is the best truck to buy in 2014? ›

Best 2014 Full Size Pickup Trucks
  • 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500.
  • 2014 GMC Sierra 1500.
  • 2014 Ram 1500.
  • 2014 Ford F-150.
  • 2014 Toyota Tundra.
  • 2014 Nissan Titan.

What truck brand has least problems? ›

7 Used Trucks Known for Their Reliability
  • Ram 1500. The Dodge Ram 1500 was named “Most Improved” in a JD Power dependability study in 2013. ...
  • Ford F-150. ...
  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500. ...
  • Toyota Tacoma. ...
  • GMC Sierra 1500. ...
  • Honda Ridgeline.
Jul 13, 2022

What truck will last 300000 miles? ›

Toyota Sequoia can hit almost 300,000 miles. The Toyota Sequoia topped the chart with 296,509 miles of what the study calls, “potential lifespan.” The Toyota Land Cruiser was second at 280,236 miles, and the Chevrolet Suburban podiumed at 265,732 miles of potential.

What year Dodge Ram has the least problems? ›

Here Are The Dodge RAM 1500 Years to Look For: 2011, 2017

These years Dodge RAM trucks came up with the least amount of problems and owner complaints. If you can find one in good shape, you could have a low-maintenance truck that could last for a long time.

Is there a recall on 2014 Ram 1500 tailgate? ›

If the tailgate opens while the vehicle is being driven, cargo may fall out the vehicle and create a road hazard, increasing the risk of crash. Chrysler will notify owners, and dealers will repair the tailgate latch, free of charge. The recall began May 23, 2019.

What are common Dodge Ram problems? ›

What problems do Ram 1500 trucks have? One common complaint from Ram 1500 truck owners is related to leaks, Repair Pal says. Owners report issues with the rear window leaking, which can leave the back seat wet. In rainy areas or winter climates, this can eventually lead to bigger problems like mold.

Are Ram trucks better than Toyota? ›

In terms of towing capacity, the Toyota Tundra is clearly the choice over the RAM 1500 for pulling heavy loads. When it comes to horsepower, the RAM 1500 is clearly outclassed by the Toyota Tundra. The RAM 1500 offers much less torque than the Toyota Tundra, which generally means that it won't feel as fast or powerful.

Is the Ram 1500 good in snow? ›

For those of you trying to get any results about whether the 2022 RAM 1500 can outlast snowy weather, the answer is a resounding yes.

Which is better Ram 1500 or Ford F-150? ›

The F-150 sacrifices interior comfort for higher towing/hauling capacity. The Ram 1500 has better storage, technology, and comfort options, but the F-150 offers a pricey upgrade to max towing/hauling capacity that you would need to upgrade to an Ram 2500 to match.

How fast can a Ram 1500 Sport go? ›

The brand-new Ram 1500 has a max speed of 118mph, highlighting its horsepower. Pairing this speed with 650 pound-feet of available torque sent to all the wheels, using the eight-speed automatic transmission, makes using the 2021 Ram 1500 an absolute thrill ride.

Is Ram 1500 a luxury car? ›

The Ram 1500 Longhorn and Limited are examples of how we deliver the most luxurious pickups in the industry. It is immensely satisfying to have Cars.com recognize the Ram 1500 as Luxury Car of the Year,” said Reid Bigland, Head of Ram Brand.

Why Ram 1500 is the best truck? ›

The Dodge Ram 1500 is a hard-working full-size truck with a spacious cabin and a smooth ride. It has high-end interior materials and user-friendly tech features. Additionally, it has a powerful engine, and its gas mileage is among the best in the pickup segment.

What is included in the Ram 1500 Sport package? ›

  • Branded Decals. Massive SPORT-branded decals stand out on the back of the pickup truck, letting all drivers know what it was that left them in the dust.
  • 20-Inch Aluminum Wheels. Roll up in style. ...
  • Sport Performance Hood.

What is the Ram Sport Appearance Package? ›

This luxurious Ram 1500 Laramie comes fully loaded with leather seats that are heated and cooled, exclusive aluminum wheels, chrome exterior accents, a heated leather steering wheel, LED lights, and a larger Uconnect touchscreen that's paired with navigation, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, SiriusXM, streaming audio and ...

What are the different packages for Ram 1500? ›

2022 Ram 1500 Trims
  • Tradesman®
  • Tradesman HFE.
  • Big Horn®
  • Laramie®
  • Rebel®
  • Limited Longhorn™
  • Limited.
  • TRX®


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